Visit: Analytical instrument helps water quality

by:Sure     2020-06-26
On June 21, the reporter followed 49 students from the fourth grade of Baishuiyang Central School in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. They walked into Luodu Station of Surface Water Quality Monitoring in Linhai City to learn about water quality monitoring and index analysis and test, and experience the whole process of surface water monitoring on the spot. Luodu Station is a monitoring point. From the outside, it looks more like a house in a new countryside. It is close to the junction of Yongan Stream and Lingjiang River. Surrounded by green trees, the grass is green, and the river bends down the river. Good place for leisure and wellness. Walking into the monitoring site, there were daily administrators oncoming, and the two almost used this as their home, taking their words: 'The equipment on the second floor is running every day and needs real-time care and maintenance. After a long time, I will live!'       Go up to the second floor, and the different operations such as laboratory and monitoring are separated from each other, and the whole floor is kept clean and clean. Follow a long aisle to the outside, the river surface is at your feet, look down the circular guardrail, the pump and the standby machine are on their own, press the lift button to pump water, and on weekdays, pumping and testing are automatic carry out. In order to cooperate with the children's in-depth understanding, Jin Pengfei, the person in charge of the automatic room of the monitoring station of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, personally explained and demonstrated the whole process to the children.    The pump automatically draws water, and the water flows into the instrument room along the pipeline, enters the sampling barrel, enters the sampling cup after half an hour of precipitation, and then flows to the ammonia nitrogen analyzer, COD analyzer and other professional equipment for automatic analysis. The resulting data is automatically uploaded after being generated The control unit is remotely summarized to the monitoring platform of the Environmental Protection Agency.    Following the various instruments arranged in line, Jin Pengfei introduced that the monitoring system of the monitoring station is mainly a special software that uses analytical instruments as the core and uses automatic control technology and computer technology to form a water sample and pretreatment. The complete system of filtering, measuring, data processing and storage, so as to realize the online automatic operation of the automatic water quality monitoring station. The system can realize real-time continuous monitoring and remote monitoring of water quality, to timely grasp the water quality status of key water bodies in major watersheds, to warn or forecast major water pollution accidents in the basin, to resolve water pollution accident disputes across administrative regions, and to supervise the implementation of the total control system Situation and other purposes.       How about the water quality when the children visited that day? From the perspective of the control unit platform, the main monitoring factors for the water samples at this site include multiple indicators such as pH, permanganate index, total phosphorus, and ammonia nitrogen. A set of data is automatically obtained every 4 hours. The reporter extracted a set of data at 4 pm that day, and showed that at 4 pm that day, the permanganate index in the water was 1.6 mg per liter, the total phosphorus concentration was 0.064 mg per liter, and the ammonia nitrogen concentration was 0.154 mg per liter. According to the 'People's Republic of China Environmental Quality Standards for Surface Water' (GB 3838-2002), the water quality is within the scope of Class II, which meets the provincial and municipal standards.    'We have witnessed the monitoring process of a drop of water and have learned a lot of professional knowledge.' Wang Jiayi, a student at Baishuiyang Central School, said that through this activity, students have an intuitive understanding of water quality monitoring. After returning, students will start from themselves , Calling on people around to protect water resources together. And Zhu Xiumin, a staff member of the Environmental Protection Bureau’s Propaganda and Legal Department, also said that the visit to the monitoring station is mainly to let the public understand the surface water quality monitoring process, let more people pay attention to water, care for water, and call on more people to join the environmental protection. Team.
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