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1) Lattice LCD display

2) Easy operation

3) Configure with temperature/pressure senor. For temperature sensors, Pt100 or Pt1000; for pressure sensor, gauge pressure sensor or absolute pressure sensor

4) Multiple Outputs can be optional: Two-Wire 4-20mA, Three-Wire pulse and Three-Wire equivalent output

5) Excellent nonlinearity correction function, greatly improve the appearance of linearity

6) Spectral analysis, improve the ability of anti-interference and vibration resistance

7) A variety of measuring medium: vapor, liquid, gas and natural gas, etc.

8) Low power consumption, a dry cell can maintain at least 3 years

9) Automatic switching ability of the working modes: Battery supply, Two-Wire and Three-Wire

10) Self-checking function: the rich self-checking information make easy maintenance and debugging

11) Independent password setup, the parameters setup, total flow reset and calibration can be set with different-level passwords, it is convenient for management

12) Three-Wire system supports RS485 communication

13) The display unit can be selected and user-defined

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