Technology Center Basic Information

 The company has established a technical center of nearly 1000m2, with 54 employees, accounting for 25.7% of the total number of employees, including 7 with doctor's degree, 3 with master's degree and 29 with bachelor's degree.The organization of the technology center includes the functional departments such as process management department, product research and development department, science and technology management department and testing center, which are responsible for the research and development, process research, standard research and product testing of the company's new products.

R&D Team

1~3 famous experts in the industry, more than 20 engineers with senior titles, more than 30 senior technicians, more than 50 engineers with intermediate titles.

The number of new personnel should be no less than 10% annually, and the proportion of personnel with master's degree or above or with senior professional titles should be 20% higher than that at present.

The number of external experts and consultants is more than 15.

R&D Infrastructure

Product flow testing laboratory;electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) laboratory;electronic debugging laboratory;mechanical trial-manufacture and testing laboratory;Lightning surge test bed;Magnetic interference test bed  ;High and low temperature test chamber;Liquid pressure test bed;Static mass method water flow standard device;Ultrasonic heat meter calibration device;

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