SURE311 Immersion Type Level Transmitters (also called hydrostatic level measurement, Submersible pressure transmitters) use advanced imported anti-corrosion diaphragm sensitive components, the sensor chip was put inside of a stainless steel (or PTFE) enclosure. The function of the top steel cap is protecting transmitter, and the cap can make the measured liquids contact the diaphragm smoothly. A special vented tube cable was used, and it makes the back pressure chamber of diaphragm connect well with atmosphere, the measurement liquid level is not affected by the change of outside atmospheric pressure. This level transmitter has accurate measurement, good long term stability, and has excellent sealing and anti-corrosion performance, it meets marine standard, and it can be directly put into water, oil and other liquids for a long-term use. SURE311B can simultaneously measuring liquid level and temperature.

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