Sure Instrument 2021 Urban Water Technology and Products Exhibition came to a successful conclusion!


April 14-17 "China Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association 2021 Conference and Urban Water Technology and Products Exhibition" was held in Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center.

With the theme of "Meeting Friends, Discussing Good Strategies, Looking for Opportunities, and Seeking Development", the water conservancy industry leading enterprises gathered in Chongqing. Sure Instruments was invited to bring electromagnetic flow meters, electromagnetic water meters and other related instrument products, as well as professional system solutions such as smart water affairs and water resources management, to appear at this water show.

This event focused on the five professional sectors of "Urban Water Affairs 2035 Industry Development Planning Outline" focusing on drinking water safety, urban water environment, urban drainage and waterlogging prevention, resource conservation and recycling, and smart water. 16 technical exchange forums were set up with nearly 160 people. Experts share reports.

In this exhibition, the collision of ideas is endless, and the pursuit of the informatization, green, and intelligent market of the water system has higher requirements for enterprises. The extension of the application of smart water services also brings challenges to the future strategic deployment of enterprises. . Sure instrument products are favored by people from all over the country for their professional industrial Internet of Things PTZ, excellent product quality, high-quality service and good reputation in the industry.

Sure Instrument Industrial Internet of Things PTZ provides solutions including smart gas cloud platform, smart water cloud platform, smart environmental protection cloud platform, smart thermal cloud platform, smart energy cloud platform, etc., to help users realize energy intelligent, visualization, and refined management , Improve energy efficiency and safety, and provide data services for enterprises to save energy and reduce consumption and realize energy digital construction.

The goal of the "14th Five-Year Plan" is set, and the long-term plan for 2035 spreads the blueprint. In the face of complex changes in the overall environment, sure Instruments upholds the corporate core values of "integrity, quality, cooperation, and win-win" to promote the high-quality development of China's smart water industry , Will use its high-end technological development capabilities to stand at the forefront of the revolution of "industrial interconnection + big data + customized services", make in-depth explorations, and contribute to the sustainable development of society!


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