China Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association 2022/2023 Annual Meeting


On April 12, the comprehensive conference of the 2022/2023 Annual Meeting of the China Water Association kicked off at the Wuhan International Expo Center. This conference is an industry event focusing on the current situation and development trend of the urban water industry, focusing on industry hotspots and difficulties, integrating industry analysis, policy interpretation, expert seminars, technical exchanges, product exhibitions, etc.

Sure Instrument, as an excellent domestic smart water overall solution service provider, was invited to participate in the exhibition. Next, let us review the exhibition together and see what wonderful moments there are!

For smart water affairs, Sure Instrument uses a new generation of information technology and analysis engines to integrate existing business processes and information systems to help water supply companies establish a complete system process and achieve proactive, refined and sustainable leakage management.

In the future, Xuner Technology will continue to keep up with market demand and continuously launch products and services that can create the greatest value for customers.

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