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Oval Gear Flow Meters

Oval Gear Flow Meters


Bopp & Reuther oval gear flow meters are a direct volume positive displacement (PD) meter known for accuracy and longevity in the field. This simple, robust design means the oval gear meter is stable in harsh environments and maintains accuracy regardless of the liquid temperature, changes in viscosity, or pulsating flow.

Oval Gear Flow Meters – Operating Principle

The measuring element of an oval gear meter consists of two toothed precision oval wheels which are driven by the fluid passing through the unit.  The number of revolutions is an exact measure of the volume.

Maintenance and recalibration requirements are minimal because of the lack of moving parts.  Often, the gear meter is selected over the Coriolis because of its accuracy and longevity in harsh environments where the Coriolis is susceptible to interferance from pressure or temperature changes and general wear.


Oval Gear Flow Meters – Common Applications

· Chemical Production: caustic soda, potassium hydroxide, acetic acid, demineralized water

· Food Industry: sugar solutions, syrups, oils, sauces, beverages, honey, molasses, milk products, juices, chocolate, alcohol, ethanol and coatings

· Pharmaceutical Industry: alcohols, syrups, glycerines and coatings

· Cosmetics Industry: shampoos, gels, perfumes and creams

· Oil and Gas Industry: fuels, lubricants and petro-derivatives

· Water and Wastewater Industry: chemicals, fluoride and acids

· Pulp and Paper Industries: wax finishes, perfumes, dyes and acids in the pulp and paper industries

· Printing: solvents and inks

· Automotive: transmission fluid, glycol, low viscosity climatization liquids and hydraulic oil

· Textiles: dyes, bleach and chemicals

· Petroleum Industry: oils, gasoline, biodiesel, additives and kerosene

· Paint: solvent and latex based paints

· Shipbuilding: lubricating oil, fuels ,marine oil

· Mining Industry: oils, fuels, lubricants

· Metal Industry: heating oil, fuels, oils

· Glue Industry: acrylic water based glue, solvents, cleaning agents

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