Sure Instrument and Hanwei Electronics Group Corporation have reached a strategic cooperation to join forces to help enterprises take off


This strategic cooperation will help enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the smart city sector of the companies of both parties, give play to the synergy between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain of both parties, and achieve complementary advantages. In the future, Sure Instrument will work with Hanwei Technology to work together on smart city solutions. Comprehensive multi-category Internet of Things technology, relying on "sensor + monitoring terminal + data collection + spatial information technology + cloud application" and other technical platforms, for gas, water, heating, municipal, parks, buildings and other fields, providing integrated, vertical operation and management The connected “perception + application + cloud platform” IoT solution helps to improve the operational efficiency and economic benefits of downstream customers such as gas, water, heating, municipal, parks, and buildings.

Relying on the historical basis of Tianjin's local flow meter industry, and the advantages of Tianjin University and other universities in the flow meter industry, Sure Instrument has been deeply involved in the flow industry for many years and is committed to the research and development, production, sales and service of "industrial flow meter" products.


Sure Instruments provides professional system solutions for municipal utilities, petrochemicals, food & beverages, power & energy, metallurgy & basic raw materials and other fields. It is the first in the industry to pass the four system certifications of quality, environment, occupational safety and health, and measurement management. It is the standing director unit of the Chinese Instrument and Control Society, the nine representative units of the China Association for Science and Technology, high-tech enterprises, Tianjin strategic emerging leaders, and Tianjin Technology center, qualified supplier of China National Nuclear Corporation, Sinopec, PetroChina, China National Chemical and other companies. 

Hanwei Technology Group Co., Ltd. is a well-known gas sensor and instrument manufacturer and IoT solution provider in China. It is the first listed company on the GEM. The company is committed to the IoT industry and integrates sensing sensors, smart terminals, communication technology, Geographic information is closely integrated with cloud computing, big data and other technologies to build Hanwei Cloud, establish a complete Internet of Things industry chain, combine environmental protection governance, energy-saving technology, and take customer value as the direction for smart cities, safe production, environmental protection, and people’s livelihood. Health provides perfect solutions. 

This strategic cooperation has taken a solid step for Sure Instrument to further improve its corporate governance and steady and rapid development. In the future, Sure Instrument will further optimize the industrial layout, promote the technology innovation-driven strategy, pursue excellence, strive for excellence, and provide customers with more Quality products and services.

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