What is a turbine flow meter?


What is a turbine flow meter?

A turbine flow meter is an instrument used to measure the flow rate and volume of a liquid or gaseous fluid. It works on the principle of turbine rotation. A turbine flow meter consists of a pipe or fluid channel with turbine blades inside, and as the fluid passes through the channel, the kinetic energy of the fluid pushes the turbine blades and causes them to rotate.

What does a turbine flow meter consist of?

  1. Turbine blade: one of the core components of the turbine flow meter, the turbine blade is a set of rotating blades usually fixed on the shaft, installed in the channel through which the fluid flows. When the fluid passes through the channel, the turbine blades will be subjected to kinetic energy and rotate. The number and shape of the turbine blades may vary depending on the design of the meter.

  2. Shaft: The turbine blades are attached to a shaft, which is responsible for transmitting the rotational motion of the turbine blades to the sensor for measurement.

  3. Sensors: The sensors built into the turbine flow meter are usually magnetic or photoelectric sensors that detect the rotation of the turbine blades. These sensors sense where the turbine blades are passing over them and generate an electrical signal.

  4. Signal processor: The signals generated by the sensors are transmitted to the turbine flow meter’s signal processor. The signal processor records the rotational frequency of the turbine blades, usually in the form of a number of pulses or a voltage signal.

  5. Display or output interface: Turbine flow meters are usually equipped with a display or digital output interface for displaying flow rate and flow data, or for transmitting data to an external monitoring system.

  6. Housing and connections: Turbine flow meters are typically installed in a pipe or fluid path and have an external protective housing and connections to ensure fluid flow through the turbine blades and to protect the internal components.

Working principle of turbine flow meter

  • Fluid flow through turbine blades: As a liquid or gaseous fluid passes through the pipe or flow channel of a turbine flow meter, the kinetic energy of the fluid is transferred to the turbine blades. The turbine blades are located in the channel through which the fluid flows and are usually fixed to a shaft.

  • Rotates the turbine blades: the flow of fluid causes the turbine blades to begin to rotate. The higher the flow rate, the faster the turbine blades rotate. The rotation of the turbine blades is based on the principle of conservation of momentum, in which the kinetic energy of the fluid is converted into mechanical energy.

Turbine flow signal generation

  • Sensors to detect turbine blade rotation: In turbine flow meters, one or more sensors, such as magnetic or photoelectric sensors, are usually included. These sensors are mounted inside the flow meter and are used to detect the rotation of the turbine blades. Each time the turbine blade rotates, the sensor detects a signal or pulse.

  • Conversion to electrical signals: The signals generated by the sensors are usually output in the form of electrical signals, which can be a number of pulses or voltage signals. The frequency of these signals is proportional to the speed of rotation of the turbine blades.

SURE Instrument Liquid Turbine Features

  • Light oil & purity  liquid measurement

  • Modbus & RS485 communication

  • Backlight option

  • Working max temp.: +150℃

  • Unit of GPM; kG/h; Ft3/h; LPM' BPD; m3/h; Ton/h

  • Totalizer test

  • High / low alarm

SURE Instrument Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

  • Accuracy
    ±1.0% of rate; ±0.5% of rate; 
  • Ambient Temp.
  • Fluid Temp.
  • Body Material
    SS304; SS316
  • Rotor Material
    2Cr13; CD4MCu
  • Bearing Material
    Tungsten Carbide
  • Comm.
  • Power Supply
    24V DC; Battery; 220V DC
  • Protection
  • Explosion Proof
    Exd IICT6 Gb
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