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Tips on temperature and humidity monitor

by:Sure     2021-08-14
Tips for temperature and humidity monitors 1. Working principle of temperature and humidity or condensation temperature monitors Temperature and humidity or condensation temperature monitors use sensors to detect the temperature and humidity of the environment. When the humidity index exceeds the set value, the control circuit will give an output signal to make the heater turn on the power and start to heat up, reduce the humidity of the environment, and destroy the condition of condensation formation; the monitor can also use the temperature and humidity monitor. The working principle of temperature and humidity or condensation temperature monitor The temperature and humidity or condensation temperature monitor is a sensor to detect the temperature and humidity of the environment. When the humidity index exceeds the set value, the control circuit gives an output signal to make the heater turn on the power to start heating, reduce the humidity of the environment, and destroy the conditions of condensation formation; the monitor can also control the temperature of the environment through ventilation and cooling , That is, when the ambient temperature rises, the control circuit will give an output signal to make the exhaust fan turn on the power supply to start ventilation, reduce the temperature, and the power supply will automatically turn off when the ambient temperature is below the set value. Second, the selection method of temperature, humidity and condensation monitor The detection part of the temperature and humidity monitor is composed of a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor or a condensation sensor. People are familiar with temperature sensors, but relatively unfamiliar with humidity sensors. Simply put, humidity sensors are sensitive components that linearly change the voltage output value with changes in environmental humidity. Its advantage is that the relative humidity can be set arbitrarily; disadvantages It requires higher environmental cleanliness. According to the data, the accuracy of imported brand products can be guaranteed within 3 to 5 years of working in a better environment, and the accuracy will increase year by year in the future. In high-demand occasions, linear humidity sensors can be used, but they should be replaced in time when the accuracy deviation is large after 3 to 5 years. The condensation sensor is very sensitive to condensation. When the relative humidity is less than 90%RH, its resistance change rate is very small. Once condensation occurs, its resistance value rises sharply. Its advantage is that in a cleaner environment, the characteristic life can reach more than 8 to 10 years; the disadvantage is that it is not sensitive to humidity changes in an environment without condensation. . However, for electrical cabinets, as long as condensation does not occur on the surface, the insulation distance and measures specified in the general standard are sufficient to resist the occurrence of creepage and flashover of electrical components. The condensation sensor can make the heater be condensed in the near future. Start in time beforehand, which can effectively prevent various accidents caused by condensation. 3. The choice of heating or exhaust air dehumidification is relatively cold in the north. Generally, a heating and dehumidifying monitor is used, that is, a heating type monitor is used to achieve the effect of dehumidification and heating inside the electrical cabinet; in the south, especially in summer, the ambient temperature is relatively high. High, because the internal temperature of the electrical cabinet is too high, which affects safe operation. At this time, the monitor product for exhaust air cooling can be selected, that is, the cooling type monitor can be selected to achieve the effect of exhaust air dehumidification and cooling in the electrical cabinet. 4. The selection of heater power and how much power is required to install anti-condensation heaters? This is a problem that many users are concerned about. According to the principle of anti-condensation, it can be calculated that as long as the temperature in the cabinet is 5°C higher than the ambient temperature, a good anti-condensation effect can be achieved. According to user's general experience, 100-150W heating power is sufficient in a space of 0.5-1 m3. In some cold areas, in order to prevent the temperature from being too low to affect the normal use of the operating mechanism, the power can be increased appropriately. The heaters should be installed at the bottom of the cabinet and distributed as far as possible on both sides of the cabinet; if multiple low-power heaters are installed at the same time, the effect is more ideal than a single high-power heater. V. Precautions for the installation of the monitor 1. Please install and use the product in strict accordance with the instruction manual in the product package, and do not install this product in accordance with the usual practice or the use of other manufacturers' products. 2. The temperature sensor has positive and negative poles. When wiring, please connect it correctly according to the number in the wiring diagram. The condensation (humidity) sensor should be installed in the cabinet with high humidity (if it is a probe, it can be installed in the lower part of the cabinet; if there are several probes, it can be installed on the upper and lower ends of the cabinet at the same time), and avoid it as much as possible. Turn on heaters and other heat-generating components. 3. The customer should choose the length of the sensor lead according to the actual situation (calculation including the length of the tip and the sensor box). Our standard configuration lead length is 3 meters. 4. Do not immerse the sensor directly in water or spray water or high-temperature steam on it! Otherwise, it is easy to cause a short circuit of the sensor and the monitor cannot work normally. 5. If you find that the monitor is working abnormally, and the indicator light is always on or off, please check the wiring carefully to see if the power supply is connected properly and the sensor is connected reversely. 6. From the date of delivery, the product shall be responsible for guaranteeing the products sold for 12 months in the case of non-human damage. If you find any quality problems, please notify our company in time. Please do not open the case for inspection by yourself. If the relevant personnel of our company find that the case has been opened, the product will not be exchanged and guaranteed for any reason, please understand.
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