Sure Instrument Hangzhou 2021 China International Gas Equipment Exhibition Successfully Concluded


On October 27, 2021, the 24th China International Gas, Heating Technology and Equipment Exhibition officially kicked off at Hangzhou International Exhibition Center. Sure Instrument brought intelligent turbine flowmeter, Roots flowmeter, gas ultrasonic flowmeter and system platform to the exhibition. Booth number: C11

Sure instrument system solution, through the construction of "terminal monitoring + information collection + data transmission + application development" integrated IoT platform, for gas, water, heating, municipal and other fields, providing "sensing + information + application" transmission in terms of flow measurement Integrate industry solutions with control and control to help improve users' economic benefits and operational efficiency. 


The International Gas Technology and Equipment Exhibition hosted by the China City Gas Association has become a regular meeting held by the Gas Association every year since 2001. It is currently the largest comprehensive international professional exhibition for the gas and heating industry in China and has been With the strong support of the competent department of the Ministry of Construction and relevant leaders, the "GAS CHINA" exhibition enjoys a high reputation in the industry.


During the exhibition, the staff of Sure Instrument warmly received customers from all over the country and introduced them to the company’s products and the latest situation of the company. The domestic exhibitors were very satisfied with our meticulous service and showed their intention to cooperate. This exhibition not only The company has consolidated the cooperation relationship with existing customers and discovered potential customers; the complete success of this exhibition is also inseparable from our excellent staff. Our service staff have shown enthusiasm and professional service attitude, and are patient with customers. Introduction of the company’s products and cooperation plans.

With the vigorous development of the instrumentation industry today, Sure Instruments will continue to treat customers with a professional and full attitude, grasp customer needs, provide customers with professional products and services, and contribute to the prosperity and development of the instrumentation industry. the power of.

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