How a Vortex Flow Meter Works?


What is a Vortex Flow Meter?

A vortex flow meter utilizes the fluid dynamics principle of vortex shedding to calculate the velocity of liquids, gases, and steam, across a wide variety of applications.


How Do Vortex Flow Meters Work?

Vortex meters use a dimensioned bluff, sometimes called a shedder bar, to generate the phenomenon known as Kármán vortex street in which vortices begin to form and oscillate. Using a variety of sensor technologies, the natural frequency of these oscillating vortices is converted into a digital signal which is then processed through the meter’s electronics to calculate flow.



Advantages of Vortex Flow Meters

Vortex flow meter technology offers an accurate and natural occurring method for measuring flow. Due to the natural occurrence of vortex shedding when a bluff is introduced, this method of flow measurement can be used with many types of fluids, gasses, and even steam. The lack of moving mechanical components also make for a robust construction that can hold up in some of the toughest application environments.

SURE of Vortex Flow Meters

  • Ambient Temp.
  • Connection
    Flange; wafer; thread; tri-clamp
  • Protection
    IP65; IP68
  • Power Supply
    24V DC and battery for option
  • Communication
    RS485; HART
  • Output
    4-20mA; pulse
  • Fluid
    Liquid; gas/air; steam
  • Body Material
    SS304; SS316

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