Red Lion PAXT-1/8DIN thermocouple and RTD digital display instrument for temperature control and alarm monitoring

by:Sure     2021-08-03
PAXT is used in a heating/cooling temperature control process, providing high and low alarms and RS485 bus communication. Set points 1 and 2 are used for heating and cooling control outputs, and set points 3 and 4 are used as high and low temperature alarms, respectively.   Programmable alarm time delay is used to prevent alarms from being generated when the temperature alarm point is exceeded or dropped for a short time. The hysteresis of the control output is used to establish the cycle period, because the cooling output controls a compressor, and the on-delay is used to ensure a minimum off period for proper compressor startup.   RST key programming is used to reset the alarm (only SP3 and SP4), F1 key is used to reset the maximum/minimum temperature storage value. The RS485 bus card is used for data storage and remote monitoring of temperature, and the control and alarm values u200bu200bare adjusted by a remote computer.  User input #1 is used to lock access to the parameter table of PAXT.       equipment provided:   PAXT0000—temperature control instrument  PAXCDC10—PAXRS485 plug-in card  PAXCDS20—PAX four-way relay plug-in card
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