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Flow meter and control valve application maintenance

by:Sure     2021-08-13
1. Flow measuring instrument selection and application maintenance 1. Classification and selection configuration of flow measuring instruments; 2. Suitable principles, application skills and calibration standards for different flow meter applications; 3. (gas, liquid, steam) measuring instruments 4. Selection and installation of throttling devices; 5. Installation and application maintenance of flow source components; 6. Common three-valve groups, (1), selection and application maintenance of flow measuring instruments 1. Flow measurement The classification and selection and configuration of meters; 2. The suitable principles, application skills and calibration standards for different flowmeter applications; 3. The selection method of (gas, liquid, steam) measuring instruments; 4. The selection and installation of throttling devices; 5. Installation and application maintenance of flow source components; 6. Common troubleshooting methods such as three-valve manifolds and pressure pipes; 7. Dealing with problems in measurement errors, losses, compensation and other aspects. (2) Flow measurement and energy measurement technology 1. New development of steam and gas flow measurement technology; 2. Flow measurement of several typical fluids: measurement of small flow; measurement of large flow; flow measurement of corrosive media; multiphase Fluid flow measurement; 3. Heat and cold measurement: steam and hot water heat measurement; chilled water cold measurement; cold and heat measurement dual-purpose meter; heat measurement of other fluids; 4. flow batch Control system, pulsating flow measurement; 5. Practical methods to improve flow measurement accuracy; 6. Generation and processing of flow measurement system errors: the influence of changes in vortex flowmeter operating conditions and changes in vortex generator conditions on flow indications; differential pressure The static pressure error of the flowmeter and its correction; the influence of the direction of the pressure pipe of the throttling device on the indicated value of the meter; the error introduced by the repeated extraction of the differential pressure flowmeter; the distortion and the error introduced by the differential pressure signal transmission; The influence on flow measurement; The influence of temperature measurement error on steam flow measurement; The influence of compensating for superheated steam by mistake as saturated steam; The error caused by improper handling of steam density; Several reasons for electromagnetic flowmeter error; 7 , Natural gas flow meter (mainly ultrasonic flow meter); 8. Large-scale mobile equipment fuel tank metering; 9. Flow meter networking communication and flow data collection management system. (3) Related standards and procedures for flow measurement 1. SY/T6658-2006, GB/T 778.1-2007 and other measurement standards and their requirements for instrument personnel; 2. Brief introduction of various standard procedures for steam, gas, and liquid measurement Analysis; 3. Engineering implementation specifications and related application standards for flow measurement and metering instruments. (4) Regulating valve selection and application and maintenance technology 1. Regulating valve selection and installation requirements: actuators and accessories, valve body selection and selection method principles; noise, cavitation and sealing treatment and application methods; flow Features; protection, dynamic performance; installation requirements and specifications for control valves, controllers, and hydraulic actuators. 2. Fault handling of regulating valve: main faults and handling of actuators and valves; handling of (internal and external) leakage, jamming, vibration, flow coefficient, etc.; summary of control valve process application problems. 3. Control valve maintenance technology: preventive maintenance; workshop maintenance; maintenance inspection list; maintenance equipment; actuator repair; valve body repair; sealing surface and seal repair. 4. Application case of regulating valve.
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