Teach you how to choose thermal gas mass flowmeter

by:Sure     2020-06-19
Thermal gas flow flowmeter is an instrument that uses the principle of heat transfer to detect flow, that is, based on the fluid and heat source in the activity ( The object heated outside the fluid or the heating body outside the measuring tube)Stop measuring the heat exchange relationship between them; Mainly measure gas; Thermal gas mass flowmeters are mainly divided into two categories, namely thermal dispersion and immersion (Or plug-in). Characteristics of thermal gas mass flowmeter main characteristics of thermal distributed mass flowmeter: direct measurement of mass flow does not require temperature and pressure compensation; Non-contact, no moving parts, no flow resistance, small pressure loss and high reliability; Small gas flow rate with low flow rate can be measured, with a minimum of 5 mL/min (Specification status); Request that the gas medium is dry and clean, and does not contain magazines such as water and oil; The shunt type can obtain linear characteristics and can be used to measure large and medium air pressure flow, and the shunt temperature should be ensured during application; The dynamic response is slow and the time constant is about 5S. Main characteristics of immersion thermal mass flowmeter: direct measurement of mass flow does not require temperature and pressure compensation; No moving parts, high reliability; It is suitable for measuring large diameter and non-circular section pipelines and narrow space on site (Plug-in); As a platinum resistance sensor with stainless steel casing, it is not sensitive to dust, solid particles, oil content and moisture in other fields. Plug-in can from time to time flow out maintenance change. Can be used to measure dirty fluid measurement. The selection of thermal gas mass flowmeter is aimed at small and trace gas flow. Thermal distributed mass flowmeter can be used for measuring single component gas or fixed proportion mixed gas. Plug-in immersion thermal mass flowmeter can be selected for large diameter flow measurement. In terms of the attitude of the thermal gas mass flowmeter device, the large local thermal distributed mass flowmeter can be used in any posture (Degree, vertical or inclined) The device only needs to adjust the electrical zero point under the working conditions of pressure and temperature after the device is installed.
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