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Dynamic viscosity unit conversion table

by:Sure     2021-08-03
Unit System International System of Units (SI) Physical Unit System (CGS) Unit Symbol Conversion Unit Name Coefficient Pas MPas P cP International System of Units (SI) Pascal Seconds Millipascal Seconds 1 0.001 1000 1 10 0.01 1000 1 Physical Unit System (CGS) Poise Centipoise 0.1 0.001 100 1 1 0.01 100 1 Engineering unit system kilogram-force second, 9.8 unit system per square meter'>International System of Units (SI)'>Physical Unit System (CGS)>Unit Symbol'> Conversion'>>Unit Name >Coefficient'>Pa·sMPa·sPcP'>International System of Units (SI)'>Pascal·sec'>Mipascal·sec 10.00110001100.0110001'>Physical Unit System (CGS)'>Poise'>Cipoise 0.10.001100110.011001' >Engineering unit system'>Kilogram force·second per square meter 9.806659.80665'>×10398.06659.80665'>×103'>Inch engineering unit system'>Pound force second per square foot'>Pound force second per square foot' >Pound-force hour per square foot'>Rene'>Pound-force second, 1.4881647.88031.7uot per square inch;'>×105×103×1031.48816'>×1034.78803'>×1041.7uot;'>×108×107× 10714.8816478.8031.7uot;'>×106×105×1051.48816'>×1034.78803'>×1041.7uot;'>×108×1076.8976'>×107'>Imperial absolute unit system'>Pound per foot hour'> Slug 4.13379'>×10-447.88030.4133794.78803'>×1044.13379'>×103478.8030.4133794.78803'>×104'>Remarks>×10-447.88030.4133794.78803'>×104'>Remarks'>Not adopted
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