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Briefly describe the types and uses of turbine flowmeters

by:Sure     2020-06-17
Category of turbine flowmeter: 1. Plug-in type turbine flowmeter 2. Gas turbine flowmeter 3. Intelligent turbine flowmeter 4. Liquid turbine flowmeter 5. Clamp type liquid turbine flowmeter 6. Anti-corrosion type turbine flowmeter 7. High pressure type turbine flowmeter 8 high precision turbine flowmeter: high-precision turbine flowmeter is a high-grade liquid flow meter. It is based on Swiss flow patent technology. The radial flow of the rotor caused by the special geometric combination of the rotor shell is combined with the light weight polyethylene fiber rotor, make the rotor float in the middle. The high-precision turbine flowmeter has almost no resistance in the rotor floating measurement process, thus ensuring the high precision, linearity and durability of the turbine flowmeter. 9. G series GPI precision turbine flowmeter: gpi g series precision turbine flowmeter precision products with high precision and excellent repeatability. Precision turbine flowmeter is suitable for high temperature, high pressure and strong corrosive occasions; With 3A health grade certification, it is the best choice for liquid food industries such as milk, wine making and beverages. 10. G2 Series Industrial GPI turbine flow rate: GPI G2 Series industrial turbine flowmeter is an industrial product with compact structure, modularization, easy installation, high precision, good repeatability and very suitable application. Industrial turbine flowmeter products can be widely used in water treatment, beverage, chemical industry, pharmacy, oil products and other industries as measurement, batching, control and other purposes. Application of turbine flowmeter: turbine flowmeter is a speed meter with high precision, good repeatability, simple structure, few moving parts, high pressure resistance, wide measuring range and small volume, it has the advantages of light weight, small pressure loss, convenient maintenance and the like, and is used for measuring the volume flow rate and total amount of low viscosity gas in closed pipelines. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, city gas pipe network and other industries.
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