4 key bridges in Dongguan, Guangdong have established

by:Sure     2020-06-24
Urban bridges are important transportation facilities in cities, and they are also the link and lifeblood of urban transportation. With the increase of the service life of expressways, factors such as structural defects, environmental impact, and repeated effects of traffic loads have brought different degrees of disease to highways and bridges. With the development of technology, new bridge monitoring systems have begun to appear in the monitoring of high-speed roads and bridges. In order to ensure the safe operation of the bridge, the Dongguan Urban Management Bureau of Guangdong needs to inspect 242 urban bridges every day, and conduct regular regular inspections once a year and comprehensive structural regular inspections every three years.  In addition to daily inspections and regular inspections, Dongguan Urban Management Bureau conducted special inspections of urban bridges. The test is to more accurately determine the actual working condition of the bridge. The professional testing team uses special testing instruments and equipment, supplemented by on-site and laboratory testing and other special methods for detailed testing and comprehensive analysis. In order to assess the durability and actual carrying capacity of the bridge, Determine the basis for maintenance and reinforcement.  With the development of various sensors and monitoring instruments, Dongguan has also established a real-time monitoring system to directly manage the key bridges Dongguan Waterway Extra Large Bridge, Dafen Beishui Extra Large Bridge, Lucun Extra Large Bridge, and Hanxi River Bridge. Through the sensor device installed on the bridge structure, various records reflecting the behavior of the bridge structure are obtained in real time, and the damage position and degree of the bridge structure are diagnosed, and the reliability, durability and bearing capacity of the bridge are intelligently evaluated to The bridge triggers an early warning signal under special weather, traffic conditions, or severely abnormal operating conditions of the bridge to provide basis and guidance for bridge maintenance, maintenance, and management decisions. In addition to Dongguan, Fujian and Wuhan, Hubei and other places have already used bridge monitoring systems to obtain more accurate, sufficient, and reliable data collection samples, which greatly improves work efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of bridge work. The traditional way of working brings new breakthroughs.  With the development of information technology and sensing technology, more bridge inspections will use advanced bridge monitoring technology in the future to accurately assess bridge performance, improve bridge operation status, and ensure bridge safety services. For the sensor industry, there will also be broader market prospects.
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