Transportation and storage of electromagnetic flowmeter converter

by:Sure     2021-08-01
Electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of electromagnetic induction flow meter. It is divided into two categories: field display type (integrated electromagnetic flowmeter) and remote display type (separate electromagnetic flowmeter). It is highly intelligent, high-precision, and measurable. Forward and reverse flow, display instantaneous flow, cumulative flow, flow rate, flow percentage, conductance ratio, range ratio up to 1:150, long transmission distance (separate 100m), full dot matrix Chinese display, range setting at will, sensor and The converter can interchange directions at will, and the empty pipe stimulates the fluid to conduct the constant flow upper and lower limit alarms. It is easy to use, low maintenance, long service life, low power consumption (10V) and can output standard current and frequency pulses and RS-485 communication at the same time. Huahai measurement and control electromagnetic flowmeter has a high-definition wide-temperature OLED display; it has a fluid density setting that can display mass flow; it adopts advanced non-volatile memory, which has higher circuit reliability and effectively protects settings and measurement parameters; Frequency programmable low-frequency ternary wave excitation improves the stability of the flow measurement zero point and has low power loss. Huahai Measurement u0026 Control reminds you that in order to prevent the instrument from being damaged during operation, before arriving at the installation site, please keep the packing condition of the manufacturer when it is shipped. During storage, the storage location should be indoors with the following conditions: 1. Rainproof and moisture-proof; 2. Small mechanical vibration and avoid impact; 3. Temperature range -20~+60℃; 4. Humidity is not more than 80%.
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