The relevant model of the flange and its corresponding material standard

by:Sure     2021-08-18
Flange related models and their corresponding material standards Clicks: 887 Release time: 2009-3-6 8:51:54 Flange models: products include flat welding flanges, butt welding flanges, concave and convex flanges, with Neck flange, flange cover. National Standard, Ordinary Flange, Galvanized Threaded Flange, Butterfly Valve Flange, Slotted Flange, Pipe Pile End Plate, Cast-Forged Flange Flange Material: Stainless Steel Flange (Related model of 304304 flange and its Material standard Hits: 887 Release time: 2009-3-6 8:51:54 Flange model: Products include flat welding flange, butt welding flange, concave and convex flange, neck flange, flange cover. National standard, Ordinary flanges, galvanized threaded flanges, butterfly valve flanges, slotted flanges, pipe pile end plates, cast and forged flanges. Flange material: stainless steel flange (304304l316316l) alloy steel flange carbon steel flange 20# steel Flange standards such as q234q345: national standard flanges, American standard flanges, British standard flanges and various non-standard flanges, high-pressure flange stamping flanges. The corresponding standards of flanges and tube plates for pressure vessels matching the standard of the Ministry of Power GD0506~0507: JB /T4700~4707-2000 implement national standards (GB/T9112-2000), Ministry of Machinery standards (JB81-59, JB/T74-94), Ministry of Petrochemical standards (SH3406-96), Ministry of Chemical Industry standards (HG5010-58, HG20592 -97) etc. The export forged steel flange material conforms to the American ASTM.A105 standard.
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