Principles of verification and measurement accuracy

by:Sure     2020-06-20
When selecting a metal tube rotor flowmeter, first of all, we must understand the product standards implemented by metal tube rotor flowmeter manufacturers, especially the accuracy requirements and display scale requirements, and the second is to understand the product manufacturing and technical level. At the same time, it needs to be combined with the technological requirements in flow measurement, especially in the case of high accuracy, intuitive scale display, and high medium viscosity in various situations of measurement or control. It is necessary to select a medium flow that can be directly displayed, with density and viscosity compensation performance Metal tube rotameter. Because the conversion and calibration of the scale is completed according to the media conditions. Select the appropriate material for measuring parts. Generally, the measurement material with good anti-corrosion performance should be selected. Only to ensure that the float and measuring components are not corroded by the medium for a long time, can we ensure the accuracy requirements of the product for long-term work at the factory. The normal operating flow rate is lower than 50% of the range, which increases the absolute error at the measuring point and is not conducive to control accuracy. This is especially important for manufacturing companies that have density and viscosity correction capabilities. Because the difference in density or viscosity will directly affect the calibration of the flow scale. For the flowmeter that directly displays the water or air flow scale under the calibration conditions, the manufacturer may be required to provide calibration data and a flowmeter certificate. When actually using the meter, the density should be manually performed based on these calibration data and calculation book. Fix. For the metal tube rotor flowmeter that requires control function, try to use products with communication functions. When the media conditions change, you can use the product's communication function to adjust the signal on the spot to ensure the maximum product accuracy. Conditional users can re-check the meter according to the flow calculation book and calibration record provided by the flow meter manufacturer.
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