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Principles of Classification of Measuring Instruments

by:Sure     2021-08-12
a. Class A measuring instruments ① The highest standards of the enterprise and the measuring instruments used for value transmission, and the working measuring instruments listed in the mandatory inspection catalog by the state; ② The enterprise is used for process control, quality inspection, production key part parameter inspection, energy and management Manage key measuring instruments that require high measurement data; ③ Meters with high accuracy and frequent use, but poor measurement reliability a. Type A measurement instruments ①The highest standards of the enterprise and measurement instruments used for measurement value transmission are listed by the state Compulsory inspection of the working measuring instruments in the catalog; ②Key measuring instruments used by the enterprise for process control, quality inspection, production key part parameter detection, energy and business management with high requirements for measurement data; ③High accuracy and frequent use, and reliable measurement value Measuring instruments with poor performance; ④ Measuring instruments with high frequency of use and operating under harsh environmental conditions. b. Type B measuring instruments ①Measuring instruments that require measurement data for process control and quality inspection in enterprise production; ②Measuring instruments for energy and material management used for internal accounting of the enterprise; ③Fixed on the production line or device, requiring measurement data High, but it is not allowed to disassemble and assemble at ordinary times, and the actual verification cycle must be synchronized with the equipment maintenance; ④ There are certain requirements for the accuracy and reliability of the measurement data, the measurement performance is stable, the measurement value is not easy to change, and the measurement equipment is used infrequently; ⑤ Dedicated measuring instruments, measuring instruments used in a limited range of use or fixed indication points. c. Type C measuring instruments ①In the production and operation of the enterprise, there are no strict accuracy requirements for indicating measuring instruments; ②The measuring instruments have stable performance, high reliability, infrequent use, and measuring instruments that are not easy to change; ③National Metrology Administration Departments expressly allow one-time-use or effective-period management measuring instruments; ④The use of harsh environment, short life, low-value and easy-to-consumable measuring instruments, and in-use measuring instruments that do not have strict requirements on temperature and humidity; ⑤The country has no verification and calibration requirements , Enterprises can develop their own calibration methods for measuring instruments.
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