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Principle of wear-resistant thermocouple

by:Sure     2021-08-06
Wear-resistant thermocouples are ideal high-tech types for high-temperature and wear-resistant environments such as power plant circulating fluidized boilers, boiling boilers, coal pulverizer gas generators, and cement plant series kiln heads, kiln tails, furnace hoods, and chemical, smelting, etc. Special product, G series draws on many advantages, adopts unique process formula, produces wear-resistant alloy in the out-of-balance balance. This product is combined with ordinary stainless steel metal, cermet protection tube, and market wear-resistant thermocouple. It is a power plant circulating fluidized boiler, boiling boiler , Pulverizer gas furnace and cement plant series of kiln heads, kiln tails, furnace head covers, chemical, smelting and other high-temperature and wear-resistant special products that are ideal for high-temperature wear-resistant environments. The G series draws on its strengths and adopts a unique process formula. The wear-resistant alloy is produced in the out-of-balance balance. This product is compared with ordinary stainless steel metal and cermet protection tubes. Compared with similar wear-resistant alloy protection tubes on the market, its service life is increased by 1-5 times. Due to the environmental temperature difference, the temperature control point is too high. High, high vibration, too high wind speed of the blower, serious wear, making temperature measurement very difficult, and very short service life. The general wear-resistant alloy only wears through and damages, burns, breaks, and causes thermocouple damage in 10-90 days. It brings great losses and unnecessary troubles to users. The G series produced by our company makes up for this shortcoming. G series anti-scouring and wear-resistant thermocouples have been used by hundreds of manufacturers and used nearly 10,000 times a year. The response is very good. In many occasions, it has the strength of leading peers and is completely comparable to imported products. This product has the advantages of vibration resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high sensitivity, good stability, high accuracy, and long service life. It is the current power plant, Cement plants, chemical smelters and other high-temperature wear-resistant fields are the first choice for temperature measurement protection tubes. Main technical parameters Electrical outlet: M20×1.5, NPT1/2 Wear-resistant head hardness: HRC60-65 Protection level: IP65
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