People's Environmental Assessment: Taking the

by:Sure     2020-06-27
More than half of the time in 2018, active exposure to ecological and environmental problems is becoming the new normal. According to statistics, from May 30 to June 7, the first batch of central environmental protection inspectors 'looked back', the Ministry of Ecology and Environment intensively published 53 typical cases, with an average of 1-2 published each day. In addition, the number of cases recently announced for urban black and odorous water treatment and waste removal actions is even more impressive. The environmental problems reflected in many cases are shocking, such as 'Shagang Group's disposal of millions of tons of steel slag on the riverside threatens the ecological safety of the Yangtze River', 'the sewage treatment plant has not been built for seven years, and the ecological environment of Qilu Lake is threatened.' The waste water seepage pit was buried in place after it was discovered.' The case is well illustrated, and the problem is clearly explained, and the facts are thoroughly explained. 'Proactive exposure of ecological and environmental issues is also positive publicity.' Minister Li Ganjie of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment emphasized at the national ecological environment publicity work conference held at the end of May that the law enforcement inspections should be strengthened, the issues and relevant persons should be actively exposed, and the problems should be rectified. Accountability will be understood and supported by the masses. Not only will there be no negative impacts, but it will also gather positive energy, increase the credibility of the government, and enhance the confidence and hope of the entire society to solve ecological and environmental problems. Exposure to family ugliness can make people feel the confidence of the government. A confident government will not hide. There are problems on the road of development, and it is not terrible to have problems. As long as you dare to take responsibility and resolve, the crisis of environmental pollution can be transformed into an opportunity for green development. Active exposure of ecological and environmental problems also reflects the confidence and determination of environmental management to cure bones and cure poisons. The typical cases of 'surface rectification', 'pretend rectification' and 'perfunctory rectification' in various places are notified, pointing directly to the problem, which can form a powerful deterrent effect and public opinion, and arouse widespread concern in society. Adhere to the problem-oriented, publicly report the transmission pressure, implement responsibilities, and more effectively promote problem resolution. The problem of environmental pollution is complex, and the formation of pollution is not a one-day disadvantage, nor is it a day-long effort to control pollution. With the government's self-confidence and responsibility, coupled with the objective laws governing the environment, clear thinking and effective measures, no matter how difficult the problem can be solved. As for the promotion of ecological and environmental issues, as Li Ganjie said, it is necessary to learn to deal directly with the media and dare to 'face to face'; but also to learn to communicate indirectly with netizens and diligently 'key to key'. News propaganda is the focus of eco-environmental propaganda. The starting point is to help solve the prominent environmental problems around the people, improve the quality of the eco-environment, and achieve high-quality economic development. The goal is to improve the sense of happiness of the people’s environment. It is necessary to increase accompanying interviews, expose illegal examples, and publicize the effectiveness of governance. Such propaganda embodies the concept of governing for the people, and embodies an open mind towards public opinion supervision. In the face of a government that dares to expose its ugliness, the public feels the sincerity and credibility of the government. In June of this year, environmental protection reports increased substantially. The national environmental protection report management platform received a total of 65,711 environmental protection reports, an increase of 8.9% from the previous month and an increase of 17.8% from the same period last year. The report has been greatly improved, reflecting the improvement of the credibility of the government. Make a phone call to the inspector team and send a WeChat message. Perhaps the stinky puddle at the door of the house can be cleaned up. So, why don't the people take it easy?
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