How do commercial users choose gas flow meters?

by:Sure     2020-06-23
According to reports, according to the latest market research from relevant agencies, the market for ultrasonic flowmeters of any type of flowmeter will continue to grow at the fastest rate. Research shows that the global ultrasonic flowmeter market reached 440 million US dollars in 2007, and the global market value was only 255 million US dollars in 2002. It is expected that the average growth rate will remain at 9.8% by 2012. The study also found that the number of companies entering the ultrasonic flowmeter market is increasing, and predicts that more companies will enter the market because the application of ultrasonic flowmeters continues to grow. The most important growth factor of the ultrasonic flowmeter market is that the multi-channel ultrasonic gas flowmeter used for natural gas monitoring and transmission has been an explosive growth. Approval by industry organizations in Europe and the United States further promotes the wider use of multi-channel ultrasonic flowmeters. At the same time, the demand for natural gas and the need for measurement have also increased significantly. Ultrasonic flowmeters are also more widely used to measure process gas and flare gas. 'In the past few years, the market for ultrasonic flowmeters has grown very rapidly. We have noticed that this trend continues, especially the natural gas flow market that uses ultrasonic flowmeters will continue to expand. As more and more users actively succeed Application experience and deepening understanding of new technologies have shown the advantages of applications. We believe they will increasingly use ultrasonic flowmeters,' said Dr. Jesse Yoder.
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