Fuzhou fully develops the treatment of black and

by:Sure     2020-06-24
A few days ago, Fuzhou City was selected as the '2018 City Demonstration City of Black and Stinky Water Treatment' by three national ministries and commissions. According to the plan, before the end of the year, Fuzhou will complete the comprehensive renovation of 107 inland rivers in the urban area. The Haidu reporter was recently informed that Fuzhou City is preparing the 'Fuzhou's Implementation Plan for Fighting Urban Black and Stinky Waters'. The plan pointed out that the next stage will focus on the four aspects of urban sewage pipe network repair and reconstruction, urban construction of urban sewage pretreatment facilities, urban and rural garbage collection and transfer, urban village old house area transformation.   This month, 14 inland rivers were renovated Fuzhou urban rivers have been renovated and 14 projects have been completed this month. They are Jiefangxi, Daqing, Shudouhe, Guihouxi, Fengbanyichi, Fuxinghe, Dengyunxi, Jiangxihe, Lianpanhe, Yangcha River, Hengjiang River, Yangqi River, Baihuting River and Luocheng River. This means that there are only 11 inland rivers left unfinished in the urban area of ??Fuzhou.   At the same time, the remediation of 49 tributaries in the urban area has also started, of which 11 are located in Jinan, Gulou and Taijiang, 38 are located in Cangshan District, and some have been completed.   According to the 'Fuzhou's Implementation Plan for Fighting Urban Black and Stink Water', the next stage, the overall goals of urban black and stink water treatment are:    Before the end of this year, the renovation of the black and odorous water body in the urban built-up area was completed and included in the normal management and maintenance.    Before the end of 2019, all other river courses in the same river basin that may affect the effectiveness of the treatment of black and odorous water are completed and included in normal management and maintenance, and all PPP projects are completed and accepted for operation;   By the end of 2020, the repair work of the urban rainwater and sewage network was basically completed.   Complete inventory of all river inlets at the end of the year   The plan puts forward, before the end of the year, we should fully investigate all the quantity, scale, location, setting units, etc. of all the drainage outlets and sewage outlets into the river (lake), and register and establish the files one by one. New drainage outlets and sewage outlets shall be subject to strict examination and approval, and a file account of 'one mouth, one file' into the river drainage outlets and sewage outlets shall be established.   According to the investigation results, classify and rectify the sewage outlets into the river, intercept the combined drainage outlets at the end, and rectify and block the unauthorized drainage outlets and sewage outlets according to law. The outlets of the sewage treatment facilities that have been approved shall be monitored daily; and after the implementation of sewage interception along the river, the traceability investigation and diversion reconstruction work of the combined drainage outlet shall be further promoted; the monitoring of the registered drainage outlets and sewage outlets shall be strengthened Management to ensure that there is no sewage overflow on sunny days. At the same time, strengthen investigation and transformation of pipeline networks, strengthen domestic sewage collection and treatment and pollution control of industrial enterprises and production and operation units. The    plan proposes to speed up the completion of the shortcomings of urban domestic sewage collection and treatment facilities, and promote the full coverage, complete collection, complete treatment, and the renovation and damage repair of the old sewage pipeline network in urban built-up areas. Comprehensively promote the transformation of urban villages and the collection and treatment of domestic sewage in old urban areas and urban-rural junctions.    Riverbed silt 'exceeds standard' starts dredging immediately   The plan requires strengthening dredging and dredging of river courses, and encouraging dry pond dredging in principle to ensure the effect of dredging. Comprehensively curb the dissolution of endogenous pollution, and take reasonable ecological measures to control it. During the operation, the dredging work is carried out normally, and the owner unit takes the lead. The PPP winning bidders are specifically responsible for monitoring the silt in the river and formulating the silt accumulation standard. When it is found that the silt accumulation exceeds the standard line, the dredging should be started immediately to eliminate the internal pollution.   In the ecological construction, the plan proposes to fully promote the construction of ecological water systems, build new river channels to create naturally curved riparian lines, retain natural deep pools and shoals, and create ecological revetments that can hide water plants and grow fish and shrimp. Existing urban canalized rivers will gradually carry out ecological transformation, maintain a relatively stable water flow, create an environment suitable for the survival of various animals and plants, and gradually restore and enhance the self-purification ability of rivers and lakes.   Shuanghe (Lake) long-term system responsible for inland river maintenance The    plan proposes to implement the Shuanghe (lake) long system. The river leaders at all levels of the government should patrol the river at least once a month and make relevant work records. Each river head should arrange at least one special manager to inspect once a day, and form an inspection record. The special manager shall, within 24 hours after discovering the problem, report to the He Chang through the He Chang Office. The river chief shall promptly organize relevant management units to supervise and rectify, carry out investigation and punishment, and implement the rectification situation.    The enterprise's river chief and river channel maintenance personnel of each project company should be clearly marked. The river chiefs of various enterprises shall organize at least one visit to the river each morning and afternoon, and form a record of river inspection, summarize the problems found, and record the disposal. In the daily management process, the government river chief and the enterprise river chief should be closely linked. Each project company should discourage, stop discourage, or invalidate any illegal activities that damage the inland river every day. It should take immediate measures or report to the government river chief and law enforcement department. solve. The    plan also proposed that an online monitoring system for the water quality of black and odorous water bodies will be established before the end of the year, and an online monitoring system for the water quality of the whole river basin will be completed by the end of 2019. Online monitoring 4 times a day, random sampling monitoring once a month. (Strait Metropolis Daily China Sewage Treatment Engineering Network)
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