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The development of electrical instrument product technology trend cannot be ignored

by:Sure     2021-08-11
As the source of the information industry, instrumentation is based on computer and microprocessor technology as the core technology, and computer, network, system, communication, image display, and automatic control theory are the common key technologies. Instrumentation is the source of the information industry. Take computer and microprocessor technology as the core technology, and take computer, network, system, communication, image display, and automatic control theory as the common key technology basis. The application of these information technologies to instrumentation has promoted the upgrading of instrumentation products to intelligent instruments and meters, and has developed into a large series of product groups in the information industry. Instrumentation products are rapidly advancing towards intelligence, miniaturization, networking and virtualization. Miniaturization: The miniaturization of instrumentation products is mainly attributed to the new devices of ultra-large-scale integration (VLSI), micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), wafer-scale integration (WSI) and multi-chip modules (MCM), etc.; using micro-control technology, micro-processing Technology, micro-detection technology, micro-light source, differential light optical system, micro-sensor, etc., reduce the volume of instrumentation products and improve the accuracy. Intelligence: The intelligence of instrumentation products is mainly attributed to the development and application of microprocessor and artificial intelligence technology. Take the DSPC concept proposed by Texas Instruments as an example, with DSP chips as the core, with advanced mixed-signal circuits, ASIC circuits, components and development tools to provide solutions for the entire application system. At present, the production process of DSP is changing from 0.35m to 0.25m, 0.18m, 0.13m, and it can reach 0.075m in 2005. By 2010, the integration level of DSP chips will be increased by 11 times, and 500 million transistors will be integrated on a single chip. Networking: Due to the improvement of the automation and intelligence of measurement equipment, the networking of multiple instruments has been promoted and applied, and new technologies such as virtual instruments and three-dimensional multimedia have begun to be practical. The networking of instrumentation products is mainly attributed to fieldbus technology. Fieldbus-based FCS (Fieidbus Control System) will replace DCS as the protagonist of the control system. Internet and Intranet technologies have also entered the field of control, and networked systems have penetrated into all aspects of the enterprise from production to management to operation. Through the Internet, instrument users can exchange information and browse in different places. Manufacturers can directly communicate with users in different places, and can complete tasks such as instrument fault diagnosis, guide users to maintain or exchange new instrument improved data, and software upgrades in a timely manner. Well-known foreign instrument manufacturers are actively researching and developing new networked intelligent measurement equipment. For example, the US PSDataCom (Microchip) has invented a patented universal network communication controller chip through years of research and development on the communication between intelligent equipment and the network. ——WebChipTM, and provides a simple, low-cost, complete smart device network connection program. Virtualization: Virtualization of instrumentation products is mainly attributed to virtual reality technology. It is a multi-dimensional sensory environment generated in whole or in part by a computer, which produces various sensory information for participants, so that participants can experience, accept and understand objective things in the objective world, and deepen concepts. And build new ideas and ideas. Novice Payment Method Delivery Method After-sales Service
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