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Roots flowmeter selection

by:Sure     2020-06-29
The intelligent gas waist wheel (Roots) flowmeter is a new generation of flowmeter that integrates flow, temperature, and pressure detection functions and can automatically compensate for temperature and pressure. This flowmeter is based on the principle of volumetric measurement and is used to accurately measure flow. The total amount of gas passing through the closed pipeline. The basic type of flowmeter is composed of two parts: Roots flow sensor and flow totalizer (secondary meter). The flowmeter adopts advanced single-chip technology and high-tech micro-power consumption, which can perform in-press setting and automatic temperature tracking compensation calculation on the measured medium, and directly display the standard state (P0=101.325kPa, T0=293.15K) The total volume. LLQ billing amount gas waist wheel flowmeter, LLQ billing amount gas Roots flowmeter is widely used in gas commercial accounting in catering, hotels and other industries, gas metering in transmission and distribution network, gas pressure regulating station metering, industrial and civil It can also be used as a standard flowmeter for non-corrosive gases such as propane, nitrogen, industrial inert gas, etc. The gas waist wheel flowmeter has high accuracy and good repeatability. The internal rotor has undergone precision machining and balance testing, has no contact rotation, and is well lubricated with oil, ensuring the accuracy of the flowmeter is unchanged and the working life is long. Lumbar wheel flowmeters do not require straight pipe sections, and can be installed in narrow environments. The starting flow rate is small and the range ratio is wide, which is suitable for measuring the gas flow with large fluctuations.
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