How to judge whether the installation environment

by:Sure     2020-06-29
An instrument with long service life and various advantages, but there is also a sudden strike. The correct installation environment is the main reason for the electromagnetic flowmeter strike. 1. Selection of installation site In order to make the flowmeter work reliably and stably, pay attention to the following requirements when choosing the installation site: ⑴ Try to avoid magnetic objects and equipment with strong electromagnetic fields (such as large motors, large transformers, etc.) to avoid the influence of magnetic fields The working magnetic field and flow signal of the sensor. ⑵ It should be installed in a dry and ventilated place as much as possible, and should not be installed in a humid and water-prone place. (3) Avoid sunlight and rain as much as possible, avoid ambient temperature higher than 60℃ and relative humidity greater than 95%. ⑷ Choose a place that is convenient for maintenance and activities. ⑸ The flowmeter should be installed at the rear end of the pump, never on the suction side; the valve should be installed on the downstream side of the flow. 2. Selection of the installation pipeline location In order to make the flowmeter work reliably and stably, the following points should be paid attention to when choosing the pipeline installation location: ⑴ The sensor can be installed on vertical pipeline, horizontal pipeline or inclined pipeline, but the center connection of the two electrodes is required to be horizontal status. ⑵ When the electromagnetic flowmeter is working, the measuring tube is always required to be filled with the measured medium. To ensure this when installing horizontally, If necessary, the elevation of the sensor installation position can be slightly lower than the elevation of the pipeline, as shown in Figure 4-6, or make the downstream of the sensor have sufficient Enough back pressure. (3) For liquid-solid two-phase fluid, vertical installation is adopted to make the lining of the sensor wear evenly and prolong the service life. ⑷ Regardless of whether it is horizontal installation or vertical installation, in the continuous production process pipeline, in order not to affect production, it is convenient for instrument maintenance and disassembly, the sensor should be installed in parallel with the original main process pipeline (bypass pipe) as far as possible, especially for There are severely contaminated liquids to be cleaned frequently. Figure 4-9 is an installation example of online cleaning without removing the sensor. ⑸ The length of the straight pipe section is ≥10DN in front of the flowmeter and ≥5DN in the back end, when the site conditions When not allowed, the front end ≥ 5DN and the back end ≥ 2DN must be satisfied. 3. Notes on the installation site (1) Ambient temperature Avoid installation in places with large temperature changes. If heat radiation from other equipment may be encountered, heat insulation and ventilation measures are required. Avoid installing the flowmeter in an environment containing corrosive gases. If installation is required, ventilation measures must be provided. (2) Mechanical vibration or shock Although the flowmeter has a strong structure, it should be installed in a place with little vibration or impact. If it is necessary to install the flowmeter in vibration For larger pipelines, pipeline support is required. (3) Other matters needing attention There should be ample space around the flowmeter for operation and regular inspection. The installation site should be convenient for wiring and installing pipes
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