Domestic sewage electromagnetic flowmeter Special

by:Sure     2020-06-30
Electromagnetic flowmeters have a wide range of applications. The main large-diameter electromagnetic flowmeters are mostly used in drainage projects, sewage plant treatment, industry, food, municipal engineering and other difficult-to-measure fluids or places with high requirements. Papermaking industry wastewater slurry treatment, metallurgical industry wastewater treatment, coal washing plant wastewater treatment, chemical industry strong acid and alkali liquid wastewater treatment, steel industry blast furnace tuyere cooling water control and leak monitoring. Flow monitoring of hydraulic transmission of long-distance pipeline coal, etc. The use of electromagnetic flow meters is everywhere. Especially the flow monitoring of these sewage treatment industries is the main choice. Electromagnetic flowmeters with small and small diameters are used in places with high hygienic requirements. Medical sewage, food industry, biological engineering and other places. In the place of large-caliber sewage flowmeters, plug-in electromagnetic flowmeters can be used for measurement. YK-LDC plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter is a new type of flow meter developed on the basis of pipeline electromagnetic flowmeter. It retains the advantages of pipeline electromagnetic flowmeter and is aimed at pipeline electromagnetic flowmeter in pipelines. It is difficult to install and has large costs. According to the principle of NIKURADS, the volumetric flowmeter of the fluid is obtained by measuring the average speed of the fluid by electromagnetic method. In particular, after using the pressure opening and installation technology, the plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter can be installed without stopping water, and can also be installed on cast iron pipes and cement pipes. The development of the plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter has been successful. Provides a new means for the detection of fluid flow.
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