Definition and Necessity of One-Household One-Meter Reconstruction Project for Urban Residents

by:Sure     2021-08-24
The one-house-one-meter renovation project for urban residents’ water meters means that in order to accurately measure the water consumption of each urban resident user, improve the level of water supply services, and save water, through the water meter renovation project, the previous total meter of urban residents’ users will be changed to each individual household. Installed water meters to calculate the water consumption of each household individually. Due to historical and practical reasons, many urban residents in my country share a water meter for multiple households, which is referred to as a common general meter for short. This situation occurs particularly frequently in units, dormitories or courtyard houses. There are some outstanding problems in the total meter shared by urban residents: First, it is difficult for the total meter shared by urban residents to accurately measure the water consumption of each household. In the process of water consumption by urban residents, due to the aging of equipment and broken underground pipelines, there is the phenomenon of running and dripping, so that the water consumption calculated in the shared summary table is generally inconsistent with the aggregate value of the water consumption of all residents per household, that is, The water consumption counted by the shared general table is often greater than the aggregate value of all residents' water consumption per household, and this difference is called the amount of water consumption. Taking into account that it is impossible to clarify which household or section of pipeline or gate valve caused the water consumption, all urban residents can only share the water consumption evenly, otherwise the water company will bear the loss on its own and incur losses. Some resident users have to share the average water consumption with very little water consumption. It even happened that some resident users had to go out for two months, and a drop of water was useless, and they had to share the average water consumption. This is obviously unreasonable. It will also greatly damage the residents' initiative and enthusiasm for water conservation, which is not conducive to the conservation and utilization of urban water resources. Secondly, the property rights of the pipeline valves after the urban residents share the master list are not clear, which easily delays the repair time and reduces the service quality of the water company. After many urban residents share the master meter, each household has long pipelines and valves, and these facilities are often owned by their own units or properties. When the pipeline is damaged after the shared master meter is encountered, the water company is inconvenient to come to repair it due to property rights, and the unit or property often does not have the corresponding technical personnel and construction maintenance equipment, causing the emergency repair not to be timely, making the urban residents very dissatisfied The service quality of water supply companies, units, and property companies sometimes causes disputes, which affect the safety and stability of units or communities. Finally, water users need to submit all water fees in time every month. If a user fails to pay water fees in time, it will directly affect the supply of tap water for everyone, and even cause water supply to the water company. This will easily lead to conflicts. The hidden danger of discord. From the above analysis, it can be seen that the transformation of water meters for urban residents is very necessary. It not only makes the property rights and responsibilities of tap water supply facilities such as pipelines and valves clear, and facilitates timely maintenance, but it is also easy to find the root cause of the phenomenon of leaking and leakage. Basically put an end to wrangling with each other and prevent conflicts and disputes. In addition, it has objectively improved the service quality of the water company, increased the recognition of the service of the water company by urban residents, and promoted the construction of a harmonious society. In a country such as our country where water resources are extremely scarce, the transformation of water meters for one household and one meter is conducive to saving water resources and can further promote the completion of energy-saving goals and tasks in various regions.
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