Dealing with the interference problem of flowmeter's

by:Sure     2020-06-25
1. The E-type flowmeter displays instantaneous flow when there is no flow, only a few squares, but the display does not return to zero. This situation is generally caused by the uneven potential. You can handle the three grounding terminals by operating the three jumper caps at the terminal board to connect the two ground terminals in twos. This method is also applicable to other vortex and turbine flowmeters. 2. For other types of two-wire current output, sometimes the current output is unstable or the current output is inaccurate. At this time, the following operations can be performed: (1) Remove the signal line of the flowmeter and string the multimeter to measure the output current value. If the current value output and the displayed flow rate can match, it means that there is a problem with the flowmeter transmission signal or customer equipment at this time. It can be detected; if the output current value of the flowmeter is measured to be unstable and has a large jitter, then the current value is inserted into the interference signal. At this time, the direct solution: ①Replace the flowmeter with a three-wire current converter; ②Customer Load the signal isolator yourself. (2) If the current signal measured from the positive and negative signal terminals of the flowmeter fluctuates greatly, it may be a problem with the power supply, and the customer can check the power supply. 3. Three-wire current output, the output is not accurate or fluctuates generally for the following two reasons: (1) There is a problem with the power supply. The independent 24V power supply can be replaced without leading power from the PLC. (2) Problems occurred during signal transmission or reception problems of client equipment. 4. The scene shows large fluctuations (1) On-site electromagnetic interference. Inverter, high-voltage, high-power electrical appliances....... In this case, it is generally necessary to change the installation location, away from interference sources. (2) Interference signals are inserted into the pipeline. Generally, there are many electrical appliances on site, and this situation is prone to occur when there are many equipments. (3) Power interference. The power supply needs to be replaced.
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