The importance of sensors in orifice flowmeters

by:Sure     2020-06-20
 The sensor is very important in the orifice flowmeter, so when installing the orifice flowmeter, we must pay attention to the sensor device of the orifice flowmeter. The most important thing when installing the sensor is to make it firmly connected with the base. So, how to install the orifice flowmeter sensor? Let us briefly explain to you:   When the sensor is installed, it is necessary to first see if its base is flat and clean, and whether there is an oil film attached to it. If there is, it must be cleaned in time to avoid affecting the device of the sensor. In addition, the rigidity and strength of the base of the device must be qualified, for example, the rigidity and strength of the sensor are a little higher, which is conducive to the installation of the sensor.   The reason for paying attention to the device of the sensor base is mainly because it affects the use of the sensor, especially the load cell. The load cell can convert a quality signal into an electrical signal output during the application of the orifice flowmeter. It has a great relationship with the normal operation of the sensor, and even affects the safety and service life of the sensor .    Therefore, be sure to pay attention when installing the sensor base. The function of the orifice flowmeter is indeed good, but this also requires no problems with the orifice flowmeter device in order to ensure its function. The sensor device is also a part of the orifice flowmeter device, so it needs to pay more attention.
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