Roots (waist wheel) flowmeter IC card industrial

by:Sure     2020-06-24
Natural gas and gas companies use managed prepaid gas flow meters and natural gas prepaid flow meters. The Roots flowmeter or waist-wheel flowmeter commonly used in the industry is equipped with an IC card controller. This IC control instrument is more accurate, convenient and smart during use! The main features are as follows:    1. Data exchange and monitoring This smart card-natural gas gas meter (Roots/Waist wheel flowmeter) is a managed IC card prepayment meter, which can monitor the mechanical meter card phenomenon, valve working status, battery usage, user uncivilized use of instrument behavior, through the With the transmission of the above information, the management department can clearly understand the usage of each meter and each user.    Second, security    On the basis of chip multiple encryption, and then use one-way encryption algorithm, it is an unbreakable encryption method, or the cost of cracking is too high. Even if the password is cracked, it is difficult to steal gas.    has a strong ability to prevent external attacks. Can automatically identify and record attacks, and make protective responses.    3. Power consumption    1. Low current, low power consumption, long battery life, maintaining current of about 10uA    2. IC card insertion, read and write operations are about 100uA in an instant   3, about 100mA instantaneously when the valve is driven    4. The average working current is about 15uA    5. The power supply of this watch uses internal dual lithium batteries, which are 9V and 6V batteries, which can be used continuously for eight years.    Fourth, the main functions of the product   1 Interface function   The user interface of the LCD display is intuitive, with 7-digit display, 5-digit integer and 2-digit decimal.   2 Chinese character tips:    can very accurately inform the user of the current status of the meter. The battery voltage display conforms to the public's habits. The user can judge the battery usage and replace it in time.   3 Clock running instructions:   During the operation of the instrument, the clock character flashes, indicating that the instrument is in operation. In order to help users quickly observe and judge the status of the instrument.   4 Auxiliary display:   Provide detailed instructions for users.   Convenient service for the management department.   Provide sufficient basis for maintenance to quickly judge the operating status and faults of the instrument.   5 Basic functions    1. Control function: Automatically control the gas circuit according to the user's payment and gas consumption.    2. Automatic accumulation of gas volume: real-time calculation of cumulative total gas consumption and remaining gas volume.    3. Air shut-off valve protection: When the user operates improperly, illegal outside interference, destruction and other abnormal use, the valve will automatically shut off and cut off the gas source. After eliminating the above abnormal factors, it is necessary to manually insert the card correctly in order to restore the gas supply. At the same time, illegal operations will be left a record, this information will be returned to the management system through the IC card, into the list of illegal users.    4. When the meter is interfered by the magnetic field, in addition to the valve automatically closing to cut off the gas source, the remaining amount will be automatically counted down. Please pay attention to avoid gas loss.    5. When the instrument encounters a metal attack or an external power attack, it will also be automatically monitored and recorded, and will be passed to the management system, included in the list of violations, and may be warned or punished.    6. If the user does not use gas for one month, the meter will automatically close the valve. And record this information passed to the management department, recorded in the user file for future reference.    7. Power off valve: When the battery voltage is too low or the battery is removed, the valve automatically shuts off and cuts off the gas source. After the power supply is normal, the valve opens to restore normal gas supply.   6 Overdraft function    1. When the gas purchased in the gas meter is used up, the valve closes automatically.    2. If the user is unable to purchase gas in time, the overdraft is allowed to use gas for no more than 3 days. However, it is necessary to insert the IC card corresponding to this table into the card seat correctly and the valve will reopen. If the number of overdraft days exceeds three days, the valve will not open again.    3. When the user refills the gas, the meter automatically deducts the amount of overdraft.   7 Reminder function:    In the following cases, the buzzer will beep once to remind the user to pay attention to the battery and gas consumption of the instrument:    1. When the remaining gas volume of the meter is less than 1m3, every time a gas consumption unit is measured, the buzzer sounds once as a gas purchase reminder.    2. When the main battery voltage is lower than 8.0V, or the backup battery voltage is lower than 5.4V, the buzzer sounds once every time a gas consumption unit is measured to prompt the replacement of the battery.
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