Northwest Oilfield Online Water Cut Monitor Put

by:Sure     2020-06-25
The water content of crude oil is an important parameter in the oil mining and petrochemical industries, and is the key data in oilfield production and oil product trading. It has important significance for the exploitation, dehydration, storage, transportation, sales, and refining of crude oil. . Crude oil moisture content detection is an important link in the process of oilfield crude oil exploitation, pipeline transportation and refining, which is related to the measurement handover of crude oil and the evaluation of regions and single wells. In the major oil fields in China, the method of measuring the water content of crude oil is mainly the offline measurement method. Although the offline measurement method is simple, it is considered to have a large error, poor sample representativeness, cumbersome sampling process, high labor intensity, and it is difficult to accurately and timely reflect crude oil The change of medium water cut cannot meet the requirements of oil field automation management.   On November 13, through a month of adjustment and online trial operation, 64 new online water cut monitors of the Northwest Oilfield No. 1 Oil Production Plant were officially put into use. The commissioning of the online water cut detector will promote the plant's optimal use of labor and improve its environmental protection capabilities. It can also find abnormal production of oil wells in a timely manner and improve the level of intelligent construction. At the same time, it can effectively reduce costs, reduce energy consumption, and the labor of oil production workers. strength.   No. 1 Oil Production Plant took targeted measures for different situations of remote transmission. The well station covered by optical fiber network, relying on the current network transmission, the data of the wellhead moisture analyzer is transmitted to the data collection terminal on the well station by RS485 communication, and uploaded to the information platform of the oil production plant through the terminal. Well stations without fiber optic network coverage use 4G wireless to upload the water analyzer data to the information platform of the oil production plant. Faced with the problems of multi-faceted long lines and difficult production and operation management, in 2017 Northwest Oilfield proposed the idea of ??establishing a well station integrated intelligent platform, and selected all the wells as 10-6 areas with heavy oil, remote and difficult management. As a pilot. Relying on the PCS digital production command system, a central control room has been set up in the counting station. Through the comprehensive application of parameters such as remote transmission, dilute mixing control, online water detection, remote start and stop of the pumping unit, drone line patrol and other technologies, it has formed Integrated intelligent management and control platform for single-well to station library. In the past, patrol wells relied on manual labor, dilute labor, and water content detection relied on manual labor. Now patrol inspections use drones, automatic control of dilute water content, and automatic water content detection, which greatly reduces the chance of employees directly contacting harmful substances and improves the essence of the company. Safety and environmental pollution are greatly reduced.
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