Ningxia NB-IoT Smart Water Pilot Project Achieves Success

by:Sure     2021-08-25
On June 29, 2018, Ningxia's first smart water meter based on NB-IoT technology settled in Ziyang Community, Jinfeng District, Yinchuan City. Recently, Shen Zhengmao, general manager of Yinchuan China Railway Water Marketing Company, told reporters, “Users use clean water without seeing me. NB-IoT technology has solved the “pain points” that have plagued the water supply industry for many years. The table is quite satisfied, and the application of new technologies will be gradually promoted in Yinchuan City.” It is understood that the NB-IoT smart water meter (China Telecom’s new generation of IoT water meter) is different from traditional water meters and can be interconnected through the Internet of Things, and not only can be uploaded in real time. Data does not require manual meter reading, which effectively improves operational efficiency and reduces costs. It can also achieve more accurate and efficient water management, scientific scheduling, and analysis of production and sales gaps. In the next step, the Ningxia branch of China Telecom Co., Ltd. will carry out in-depth cooperation on smart water affairs with Yinchuan China Railway Water Group Co., Ltd., and actively promote operations including water plant operation, water supply dispatch, SCADA system, pipe network GIS, pipe network inspection system, The integration of various operating systems such as metering system, business charging system, reporting system, hydraulic water quality, zone metering, pipe network hydraulic model, etc., to create an integrated management platform to realize a scientific, intelligent, intelligent, and informatized enterprise Management, better and more convenient service for the development of smart cities and smart water services.
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