New National Standard 'Gas Precession Vortex Flowmeter'

by:Sure     2020-06-22
Recently, the draft of the national standard 'Gas Precession Vortex Flowmeter' has been prepared for consultation, and it has been publicly solicited opinions from relevant units and experts. In recent years, the development of gas precession vortex flowmeter manufacturing technology and structural type changes have improved its technical indicators. In particular, the application field of precession vortex flowmeters continues to expand, involving petroleum, chemical, environmental protection and other industries. Therefore, the technical requirements for the verification of precession vortex flowmeters continue to increase.    For a long time, the gas precession vortex sensor is tested according to JJG198-1994 speed flowmeter. With the development of manufacturing technology and electronic technology, the measurement range of gas flow meters is getting wider and wider, some have been divided into high and low areas, and have different measurement requirements. The gas flowmeter is equipped with a temperature sensor and a pressure sensor and has a compensation function, which can accumulate the volume under standard conditions, which is more scientific and reasonable in the use of trade settlement. Compared with the old version, the new standard introduces the concept of 'boundary flow' according to the international recommendation R137 (gas flow meter), and the accuracy levels are given according to the flow range of qt≤q≤qmax and qmin≤q
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