How to choose mass flowmeter correctly

by:Sure     2020-06-26
At present, the most high-end products of flow meters in the world should be the first to introduce the Coriolis mass flowmeter (abbreviated as mass flowmeter). It can directly measure the quality and density of the fluid medium, and is widely used for its high precision, high stability, low maintenance rate, long life and other advantages. In recent years, domestic mass flowmeters have sprung up and are rapidly occupying the domestic market. In some small and medium-sized projects newly built by PetroChina and Sinopec and China's chemical industry in recent years, domestic mass flowmeters have been widely used. For example: remote metering control system for edge wells in Shengli Oilfield, Taihua’s 500,000-ton crude benzene hydrogenation project, Dongying Xiefa Chemical’s 500,000-ton ion-exchange membrane caustic soda project, and Jiangsu Furing Chemical’s 120,000-ton unsaturated resin new plant project and many more. All domestic mass flow meters are used for production process control or transportation measurement. According to the user's usage and feedback, although there is a certain gap between the domestic quality flowmeter and the imported product in terms of fineness and appearance design and manufacture, in terms of performance, the products of some well-known domestic manufacturers can completely replace the imported products to meet the user's needs. Now some users are more relaxed when buying imported mass flowmeters, but they are a little confused when they are buying domestic mass flowmeters. Indeed, the domestic mass flowmeter production started late, the technical level is low, and the R&D investment is insufficient, which seriously restricts the development of domestic mass flowmeters. Especially in the industry management, there are serious problems in the issuance of licenses in our country. Many enterprises that do not have production and technical capabilities have also obtained licenses to join the ranks of mass flow meter production enterprises. This brings a lot of trouble to users to buy. It has also destroyed the reputation of domestic mass flowmeter products. To this end, some personal suggestions are provided for users' reference, and industry colleagues or users are also welcome to discuss: 1. Clarify your own ideas and abandon the wrong principles of purchase. As we all know, imported products enter the domestic market are basically high-quality products of well-known international companies. However, the domestic mass flowmeter manufacturers have the problem of mixed fish and dragons. As mentioned earlier, this is a historical common problem in my country's industry management. This is also the main reason why domestic users have always believed that imported products are reliable, while domestic products are not credible. A chemical listed company in Shihezi, Xinjiang (hence the name) has encountered the saying that 'domestic flowmeters cannot be used at all'. After careful examination, it turned out that the mass flowmeter they chose was Emerson, and the vortex flowmeter was Yokogawa. Can be said to be the first international brand. The four or five domestic brands used are basically the products of the third-rate enterprises in the domestic instrument industry. Therefore, at that time, several well-known domestic brands were recommended to the user, and they were advised to abandon the mistake of “choose the best with imported products, no matter how expensive; choose the domestic products with the cheapest, no matter how bad”. in principle. 2. Understand the gap between domestic products and international brands. Based on years of understanding of mass flow meters. It is believed that some domestic mass flowmeter products are close to imported products in the production of sensors. However, there is a big gap with the international brands in the production and development of signal processing (that is, converters or transmitters), and it needs to make great efforts to catch up as soon as possible. At present, our company has invested a lot of technical force and funds to develop the Coriolis mass flowmeter. The MFT-525 series transmitters currently developed all use digital signal processing technology. Already close to the international advanced level. In the future, there will be more breakthroughs in domestic mass flowmeter products. Users should consider their actual needs when purchasing. On the premise of meeting the requirements for use, choose suitable, economical, and guaranteed products. 3. Fully understand the qualifications and performance of the supplier When buying mass flowmeters, everyone from imported brands is basically familiar. But when purchasing domestic brands, it is necessary to fully understand the qualifications and performance of suppliers. It is best to be able to grasp the first-hand information through personal inspection or to understand the situation of users who have used the brand. It is recommended to use brands with high domestic popularity, good user reputation and outstanding performance. 4. Comprehensive consideration of usage requirements and procurement costs People in the industry are very clear that when the mass flow meter does not appear in the domestic brand, the international brand can be said to be a very profitable product. A medium-sized mass flow meter requires one hundred thousand or even several hundred thousand yuan. This is just like when the Xiali car was sold for more than 110,000 yuan when it was first launched, it was still the only economic model in China. Now, manufacturers of international brands have already made a lot of money in China. The hard-earned Chinese hard-earned money does not know how much has flowed into the pockets of foreigners. And our domestic brands, in the harsh environment of strong and weak contrast is not in an order of magnitude at all, tenacious struggle. Now it has gone from toddler to mature. It is the presence of domestic brands that has forced the prices of foreign brands to fall by 1/2-2/3 in recent years. The investment in production and R&D of mass flow meters is relatively large, and enterprises with certain strengths will have higher prices in domestic brands. But even so, their prices are only about half that of high-end international brands. I think it's time for the Chinese to spend their money on others and pay the bills for others. Therefore, users are advised to choose carefully based on comprehensive consideration of their respective use requirements and purchase costs. Don’t over-purchase low prices, and don’t necessarily inappropriately pursue imported brands. 5. After-sales service Generally speaking, except for some domestic large and medium-sized enterprises that have already used international brands, many enterprises are also in the initial stage of using mass flow meters. For example, in 2006, the proportion of global mass flow meters used in various industries was: petrochemicals accounted for 57%, food and beverage industry accounted for 29%. But at that time, the application of mass flowmeters in the domestic food and beverage industry was basically blank. With the promotion of domestic mass flowmeters, the key factors affecting its development in other industries have gradually subsided. The application fields of mass flow meters are also expanding. Therefore, after-sales service issues that were not important to the old users of international brands in the past have begun to appear among the new users of these mass flow meters. For example, a chlor-alkali production enterprise in Shandong has selected four DN50 caliber mass flowmeters of the best international brands for use on a liquid chlorine filling platform. Since it was put into use in June this year, the work has been unstable, and the error of the filling tanker is as high as 5-7.5%. After repeated communication between the user and the supplier, the manufacturer finally sent someone to the site to find that the mass flow meter was not a problem. The problem was the piping layout of the platform and the installation position of the mass flow meter. As of November, the manufacturer has sent three times to transform it. Although there have been substantial improvements after the transformation, users still feel dissatisfied and have to use it reluctantly. The above example is to illustrate that the use effect of the mass flow meter depends largely on whether it is reasonable. For new users, it is the supplier’s responsibility to provide technical guidance prior to user installation. For international brand products, because they have occupied the market of China's major large users for many years, these large users have sufficient technical strength. And for their scattered users, basically rely on middlemen. The problems caused by after-sales service are apparent. On the contrary, in order to occupy the market, the products of domestic brands are significantly better than imported brands in terms of pre-sales and after-sales services. In summary, for large and medium-sized oil or petrochemical enterprises, because the use of international brand mass flowmeters takes a long time, and they already have rich experience in use and maintenance. Considered from the perspective of the safe and reliable operation of its large-scale plant. When purchasing mass flowmeters in the short term, it is necessary to give priority to choosing products of familiar international well-known brands. However, with the rapid progress of some well-known domestic brand mass flowmeter products, it is only a matter of time before domestic mass flowmeters compete with international brands. This is an indisputable fact like the current home appliance and automobile industries. Therefore, it is also a wise choice to choose the mass flow meter products of well-known domestic brands at the appropriate time, suitable working conditions and environment. For small and medium users, especially have not used the mass flow meter, they lack the use and maintenance experience. And unlike some domestic monopolistic industries, the competition in their industries is fierce and users who have to consider the input-output ratio. I think that priority should be given to choosing some quality flowmeter brand products with reliable quality and good after-sales service in China.
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