How many Sure oval gear flow meter are sold per year?
Every year, we get new sales growth. We have been manufacturing flow meter for customers around the world for quite a long time and we have done it in as best as we possibly can. In many years of development, our brand - Tianjin Sure Instrument Co.,Ltd., is now winning trust and appreciation by more and more customers. And as we continue to improve and innovate our products and technology, we believe that our brand is gonna serve wider market in the coming future.

Sure Instrument has rich production experience in producing high quality and low cost swirl flow meter. Sure Instrument produces a number of different product series, including swirl flow meter. The unique function of vortex flow meter is well received by the customers. The product has low sensitivity to fouling. To save the energy, Sure Instrument puts the eco-friendly materials into use during the production. It requires fewer hardware components and occupies less space compared with the common products in the market.

our company attaches great emphasis to cultivating its innovation capability. Inquire!
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