Gear Flow Meter

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Gear flow transmitter belongs to a kind of volumetric flow transmitter and can be used for measuring volume and flow precisely. The flowing medium makes the gear engage and rotate. Under the flowing effect of fluid, pressure difference is formed between the inlet and outlet of instrument. One pair of gears can rotate freely without the need of power supply. The empty cavity between gears is filled with liquid, which is discharged through rotation. The liquid flowing through instrument and liquid flow can be known through measuring the number of revolutions of gear.

Product Characteristics


  • High voltage resistance (1.0-45MPa)
  • High and low temperature resistance (-196℃-200℃)                                 
  • Able to measure different kinds of viscous media.
  • High precision and repeatability                              
  • Impulse output/Analog output available                         
  • Range ratio width (1: 100)
  • Broad range of measurement
  • Strong corrosion and pollutant resistance (acid and alkaline)



 Scope of Application


  • Measurement of resin and glue
  • Measurement of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and grease
  • Measurement of fuel oil
  • Measurement of printing ink and asphalt
  • Measurement of liquid nitrogen, refrigerant and solvent
  • Measurement of edible oil, fish oil and food canning                        
  • Fluid quantitative control system

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