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Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter

Place of Origin: Tianjin, China

Brand Name: Sure Instrument

Range: 0.1l/s-99999.99 m³/h

Accuracy for level: 0.50%

Display: English LED

Power supply: Standard 24VDC 100mA; optional 220V AC +15% 50Hz

                          optional 12V DC; battery, solar

Environment temperature: LED -20~+60℃  Probe -20~+80℃

Communication: optional 485,232,MODBUS protocol

Proress temperature: -20~+80℃

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●    There are no special requirements for the cross-sectional shape and size of the channel.
●    It can be installed and maintained without stopping water.
●    No flow resistance, no water-head loss.
●    When the cross-section of the channel is large, multi-channel speed measurement is used to achieve high-precision measurement.
●    It can measure the flow and velocity in the forward and reverse directions.
●    Large measuring range and high accuracy.

●    It can be used for the calibration equipment of slot-weir or other open channel flow meters. 



●    Urban water supply diversion canal
●    Sewage treatment inflow and  discharge channels

●    Discharge channels for chemical liquid and wastewater of industrial and mining enterprises
●    Water conservancy projects and agricultural irrigation channels

●    Discharge gate flow measurement


FunctionCompact typeRemote type
Range0.1l/s- 99999.99 m³/h
Cumulative FlowMax: 4290000000.00 m³
Max range for level 1m, 2m, 3m 
Accuracy for Level0.50%
Resolution 3mm or 0.1%
DisplayEnglish LED
Accuracy for flow

Standard weir:1- 5%

(meet the requirements of national standard weir and channels) Non-standard weir: 10- 30%

Analog output(Four-wire system) 4- 20mA/750Ωload
Delay output(optional)two groups :AC 220V/ 8A or DC 24V/ 5A
Power supplyStandard:24VDC 100mA;optional: 220V AC+15% 50Hz
Power supply(optional)12VDC, battery, solar
Environment temperatureLED:-20~ +60℃,Probe: -20~ +80℃
Environment pressureStandard atmospheric pressure
Environment humidity ≤90%RH,Non-condensing
Process temperature-20~ +80℃
Process pressure Standard atmospheric pressure
Communication Optional:485, 232, MODBUS protocol
Protection grade LED:IP67 Probe: IP68LED:IP65, probe:IP68
Cable probe NoStandard: 10m, The longest: 100m
Probe installation dimensionM48x2mm thread + matching nuts
Probe material

Standard: ABS

Teflon material in corrosive environment



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