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How many people in Sure Instrument export department?
The number of employee in our export department is currently expanding. These employees track the export of dissolved oxygen sensor via a regular set of regulations and policies. All employees in our export division are qualified to supply you with professional support.

Tianjin Sure Instrument Co.,Ltd. is one of the world’s largest variable area flow meter manufacturer and world’s leading integrated service provider. Sure Instrument produces a number of different product series, including vortex flow meter. The new type of variable area flow meter designed by our engineers is very ingenious and practical. The product has the advantage of scratch resistance. With no filament, this product is more robust and lasts longer. This will result in saving money for users on replacement and maintenance. It is made based on the national explosion-proof standard.

As a market leader in oil flow meter industry, Sure Instrument delivers superior services in areas of oil flow meter. Get more info!
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