How about Sure Instrument shipping services?
Through cooperating with the domestic and international trustworthy carriers, we offer our customers a wide variety of shipping options, such as by sea or air. All orders will be shipped via our own carrier partners depending on your package's dimensions, quantity and destination. Unless, you specify another carrier, and arrange the pickup. Tianjin Sure Instrument Co.,Ltd.'s shipping service will give you full confidence with every shipping project and you will be free of worrying about whether the goods are shipped on time.

Sure Instrument is one of the world’s largest diesel flow meter manufacturer and world’s leading integrated service provider. Sure Instrument produces a number of different product series, including ultrasonic flow meter. Sure Instrument is willing to purchase high quality raw material rather than poor one in order to guarantee quality for ultrasonic flow meter. natural gas flow meter breaks through the limitations of turbine gas flow meter which creates a new world of turbine gas flow meter. It has got CE approval and other many certifications.

our team strictly follows the service mode of gas flow totalizer meter. Get info!
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