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Flue gas flow meter

by:Sure     2021-08-13
1. Product introduction ■Gas measurement experts from the professional manufacturing technology industry ■Imported sensors with German patent technology ■Based on the principle of horizontal power and horizontal temperature difference, the exclusive domestic production product details proprietary flow data model algorithm; fuzzy theory to control temperature and humidity Algorithm; high-performance intelligent microprocessor and analog-to-digital, digital-to-analog conversion chip; wide range ratio 1000:1 1. Product introduction ■Gas measurement experts from professional manufacturing technology industry ■Imported sensors using German patent technology ■Based on horizontal power, Transverse temperature difference principle, domestic exclusive production product details, proprietary flow data model algorithm; fuzzy theory control temperature and humidity algorithm; high-performance intelligent microprocessor and analog-to-digital, digital-to-analog conversion chip; wide range ratio 1000:1; large diameter, Low flow rate, pressure loss can be ignored; direct mass flow measurement without temperature and pressure compensation; low flow rate measurement is very sensitive. The requirement of straight pipe section is not high 1-2D. 2. Product features: • Adopt a highly stable patented platinum RTD sensor • Use proprietary technology 'balanced structure packageThe range ratio is 1000:1, which can be expanded according to user requirements. • The pressure loss is small and can be ignored. • The minimum flow can be measured as low as zero, with a resolution of 0.001m/s. • Large pipe diameter and small flow measurement can be achieved. • Multi-point flow can be achieved Measurements • Vibration effects are negligible • 1-2D is not required for straight pipe sections • Two-way measurement of medium flow • It has nothing to do with medium temperature and pressure • Proprietary high temperature algorithm, medium temperature can reach 510℃, • High humidity algorithm is used to achieve high precision Measurement • Key in 12-point dynamic correction for flow signal, built-in 10-point correction • One-key resetting • Online dynamic correction of current/voltage output • Wide-screen LCD display, direct reading of instantaneous flow and cumulative flow • Not sensitive to small particles such as dust • Online Continuous flow of loading and unloading, easy maintenance • Corresponding product signals for different industries (flue gas, blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, automobile exhaust, etc.) 3. Product principle:    power plant flue gas flowmeter is a flow meter based on the principle of thermal diffusion. That is, when the fluid flows through the heating object, the heat loss of the heating object is proportional to the flow rate of the fluid. Specifically, the sensor of the flowmeter has two standard RTDs, one is used as a heat source, and the other is used to measure the temperature of the fluid. When the fluid flows through, the temperature difference between the two is non-linear with the flow rate. Relationship, the meter can convert this relationship into a linear output measuring flow signal. There are two design methods for flowmeters manufactured by the principle of thermal diffusion: one is based on the principle of constant temperature difference; the other is based on the principle of constant power. Based on a common data model: P/△Tu003dA+B(Q) N ---1. Here: P--the power dissipation, △ T--the temperature difference between the two sensors, A and B are the coefficients related to the thermal performance of the gas. Principle of constant temperature difference: △T remains unchanged, and the relationship between the dissipation power P and the flow rate Q of the fluid increases exponentially. The principle of constant power: the dissipation power remains unchanged, and the temperature difference △T has an exponentially decreasing relationship with the flow rate Q of the fluid. Fourth, performance indicators: • Measuring range: 0-120m/s (20 ℃, 101.33KPa) • Accuracy: ± 1% of reading ± 0.5% of full scale • Repeatability: 0.2% of full scale • Ambient temperature range:- 40 ℃ -- 85 ℃ (without display); :-30 ℃ --70 ℃ (with display); humidity less than 90%RH•Medium temperature range: -40 ℃-100 ℃ -40 ℃-200 ℃; -40 ℃ -450℃; -40 ℃-510 ℃•Analog output: Flow rate: 4-20mADC; Temperature: 4-20mADC• Cumulative pulse output• Input 12 segments of non-linear correction, built-in 10 segments of non-linear correction • Communication: Serial output RS232/RS485• Power supply:; 24VDC/600mA; 220VAC/2W; 110VAC/3W• Upper and lower limit output relay• Seven-digit instantaneous flow display, eight-digit cumulative flow• One-key clearing function• Current output online correction• Large-screen LCD Display • Process pressure: <1.6Mpa (maximum 20MPa) • Process connection: flange / locking device / ball valve connection • Intrinsically safe and flameproof flue gas emission, the flue gas flow measurement is due to complex working conditions and large dust. High temperature, water content, mud, corrosion, large pipe diameter, traditional measurement methods, easy to block, and based on the principle of differential pressure, in the case of low pressure, there will be a measurement blind zone. GFM600 flue gas flow meter adopts a proprietary flow data model and fuzzy theory to control temperature. The humidity algorithm can reach a maximum temperature of 510℃ and a humidity of 90%. It also passes through two smooth probes (sensors) and a proprietary sweeping device. Solve the above problems completely.
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