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Tianjin released for the first time the implementation

by:Sure     2020-06-20
The reporter learned from the Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau that in order to further reduce the emission level of air pollutants from thermal power plants, Tianjin City recently released the 'Emission Standards for Air Pollutants from Thermal Power Plants' (DB12/810-2018), which will be released on July 1, 2018. Officially implemented, this is also the first time that Tianjin has issued local standards for the emission of air pollutants from thermal power plants. Deng Xiaowen, director of the Tianjin Eco-Environmental Monitoring Center, introduced that after the standard is implemented, through the condensate dehydration deep treatment, the annual condensable particulate matter discharged with the water vapor in the flue gas can be reduced by about 1800 tons. Under general meteorological conditions, PM2. The average annual concentration can be reduced by about 2 micrograms/cubic meter in 5 years; by reducing the exhaust temperature, about 8 million tons of condensed water can be recovered each year. 63.2 million yuan. According to the standard, the existing coal-fired power generation boilers in Tianjin will implement the corresponding emission concentration limits from July 1, 2018. The existing coal-fired power generation boilers and coal-fired non-power generation boilers above 65t/h will start from November 1, 2019 Starting from the implementation of flue gas emission temperature control requirements; existing fuel oil boilers, gas boilers, gas turbine units and coal-fired non-power boilers above 65t/h will implement the corresponding emission concentration limits from July 1, 2019.   A total of 17 45 sets of all public coal-fired power units and self-provided coal-fired power units in Tianjin have completed ultra-low emission transformation. Monitoring data shows that after ultra-low emission reconstruction, the particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide emission concentration of Tianjin coal-fired generating units can be stabilized to reach below 10 mg/m3, 35 mg/m3, and 50 mg/m3.
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