Features of analog and smart pressure transmitter

by:Sure     2021-08-15
Features of analog type ● High accuracy ● Externally continuously adjustable range and zero point ● Good stability ● Positive migration up to 500%, negative migration up to 600% ● Two-wire system ● Adjustable damping, overvoltage resistance ● Solid sensor design ● No machinery Movable parts, less maintenance ● Light weight (2.5kg) ● Unified structure of the whole series, strong interchangeability ● Small size (166mm analog type features ● High precision ● Range and zero point externally adjustable ● Stable performance ● Positive Migration can reach 500%, negative migration can reach 600%   ● Two-wire system ● Adjustable damping, over-voltage resistance ● Solid sensor design ● No mechanical moving parts-less maintenance ● Light weight (2.5kg)    ● Unified structure of the whole series , High interchangeability ● Miniaturization (166mm total height)   ● Diaphragm material in contact with the medium is optional ● Unilateral overpressure resistance ● Low-pressure cast aluminum alloy shell Intelligent type Features:    ●Super measuring performance, used for pressure and difference Pressure, liquid level, flow measurement ●Digital accuracy: +(-)0.05%   ●Analog accuracy: +(-)0.75%+(-)0.1%FS   ●Full performance: +(-)0.25FS  ●Stability: 0.25% 60 months ●Turndown ratio: 100:1   ●Measuring rate: 0.2S   ●Miniaturized (2.4kg) all stainless steel flange, easy-installation ●Process connection compatible with other products to achieve the best measurement ●The only H alloy in the world The sheathed sensor (patented technology) achieves excellent cold and thermal stability. ●Intelligent transmitter with 16-bit computer ●Standard 4-20mA, with digital signal based on HART protocol, remote control ●Support to field bus Upgrade with on-site control-based technology.    eight major features 1. Intelligent integrated design: integrate pressure signal acquisition, processing, display and output.   2. Micro-power dual power supply design, high reliability.   3. Unique Dynamic automatic tracking temperature-compensation function.     4. With software correction of zero drift function.     5. Upper and lower limit alarm memory flashing indication function.     6. Pressure full range software setting migration function.     7. Low power supply self-diagnosis function.     8. With interrupt Electric protection function.
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