Roots (Waist Wheel) Natural Gas/Gas Prepaid Flowmeter

by:Sure     2020-06-27
Installation Precautions: ☆The IC card controller and gas flow meter are installed in the entire installation system, which only achieves the pre-charging function, and the measurement accuracy is guaranteed by the flow meter. The flange of the IC card controller and the flange of the flowmeter are rigidly connected and ensure the sealing performance. The general controller is required to be at the end of the flowmeter and be consistent with the direction of the airflow. ☆Before installing the flowmeter, the pipeline impurities must be strictly removed. The front end of the flowmeter should be installed with a filter and filter screen cover, In order to prevent rust slag, welding slag and other impurities from entering the measurement room, the waist wheel will be stuck and cause stall ☆When installing the flowmeter, the axis rotor should be kept horizontal. No matter the inlet or outlet is vertical or horizontal, the meter head must be in a horizontal position. ☆When the gas pressure fluctuation range is large, in order to ensure the measurement accuracy, the flowmeter should be installed with a pressure regulator ☆ The distribution and fitting size of the flowmeter installation pipeline must be appropriate, and the flowmeter body must not be subjected to abnormal external forces. ☆Before running the flowmeter, lubricate oil (No. 7 spindle oil) from the oil injection port to the upper part of the oil window, When adding or replacing lubricating oil regularly according to the operating conditions, the front and back valves of the flowmeter must be closed to relieve the gas pressure in the flowmeter. ☆When the flowmeter is put into operation, all valves should be opened slowly to prevent sudden rotation, Especially when the pipeline is under pressure, the test pipeline and the flowmeter leak, it is strictly prohibited to deflate suddenly and damage the impeller in the meter. ☆After the flowmeter is put into operation for a period of time, if the pressure drop of the filter is found to be increased, the filter should be cleaned or the filter medium should be replaced. If it is found that the pressure drop of the flowmeter increases and the sensitivity limit decreases, the measurement chamber can be flushed with clean gasoline or kerosene ☆When the flowmeter is used to measure city gas (natural gas, artificial gas, etc.), its impurity content should comply with my country's 'Code for Design of Town Gas' GB50028-93. ☆This watch must be reliably grounded according to the designation, and it must not share the ground wire with the strong current system, and the grounding resistance should not be greater than 4 ohms.
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