LoRa IoT smart water, no one will knock on the door to copy the water meter anymore!

by:Sure     2021-08-25
Maybe you don't know what LoRa technology is, maybe you have never cared about what the Internet of Things looks like, but when I tell you, no one will come to your house to read the water meter, are you unhappy? I remember that every time someone came to read the meter was on Saturdays and Sundays, I was woken up by the knock on the door every time I was sleeping, and opened the door shamelessly, looking at the meter reading with an awkward and vigilant expression. After they left, the sleepiness was all disturbed...Are you interested in knowing what LoRa is? What does the Internet of Things have to do with you? In fact, the Internet of Things here can be understood as a network of LoRa base stations connected to your home's water meter and your neighbor's water meter, as well as many people's water meters. Of course, the Internet of Things has applications in many fields, and LoRa is a network that uses water meters in the network. Lines connected to the base station one by one. In fact, the use of LoRa technology in the Internet of Things has been very mature, such as smart meter reading, smart parking, vehicle tracking, pet tracking, smart agriculture, smart industry, smart cities, smart communities and other applications and fields. The LoRa Internet of Things communication solution is an Internet of Things solution that realizes smart meter reading. This solution has changed the previous meter reading method of knocking on doors to open an account. A LoRa base station can cover a hundreds of thousands of square meters of medium In a large-scale cell, even if the water meter is the farthest from the base station and the most severely blocked, it can still achieve stable return of meter reading data and stable issuance of control commands. It can be seen that technology can not only liberate labor, but also liberate your sleep, improve your awareness of the Internet of Things, and you can feel more technologies that make your life better. In addition to smart water construction, the Internet of Things can have more application areas. Perhaps your next rediscovery of the Internet of Things will be a radical change in your life.
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