What is the working power supply of the vortex flowmeter

by:Sure     2021-07-31
1. The working power of the vortex flowmeter 1.12VDC power supply 2.24VDC power supply 3.3.6V lithium battery power supply (only for vortex with liquid crystal display and no signal output) 4.3.6V lithium battery, 24VDC power supply at the same time 2. Huahai Measurement and Control Product features of vortex flowmeter 1. Small pressure loss, large range, high accuracy; 2. Hardly affected by fluid density, pressure, temperature, viscosity and other parameters when measuring volume flow under working conditions; 3. No moving machinery Parts, so the reliability is high, the maintenance is small; 4. The instrument parameters can be stable for a long time. This instrument adopts piezoelectric stress sensor with high reliability and can work in the working temperature range of -25℃~+320℃; 5. It has a wide range of applications, and the flow of steam, gas, liquid and other fluids can be measured; The humanized menu and interface of dot matrix display, with bright backlight, supports both Chinese and English languages, suitable for various customer groups; 7. Supports temperature and pressure measurement, and facilitates the needs of gas medium temperature and pressure compensation; 8. Supports flow rate Conversion display function, convenient to see the current flow rate on site; 9. Support split-screen display function, which allows the screen to zoom in and display single or two parameters (temperature, pressure, working conditions, flow rate and flow rate in standard conditions, etc.); 10. Simulation output Function, support 4-20mA current simulation, frequency output simulation, convenient on-site non-real current debugging; 11. Support 4-20mA output, pulse (equivalent) output, alarm output, RS485 communication output; 12. Both two-wire and three-wire systems Separately DCDC (DC1000V) isolation; 3. Huahai measurement and control vortex flowmeter structure composition 1. converter 2. support rod 3. sensor housing 4. detection element 5. vortex generator 6. temperature, pressure compensation device (including: temperature Sensors, pressure sensors, shut-off valves, condensing elbows) For more vortex flowmeter product details, please click on the official website of Huahai Measurement and Control: Service Hotline: 400-828-5048
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