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Method for cleaning electrode of water treatment

by:Sure     2020-07-05
How to clean the electrode dirt of electromagnetic flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter can be used in various industries, mainly used to measure the flow of fluid. However, after the measurement is completed, cleaning and maintaining the electrode is a crucial task. Cleaning the electrode will protect the accuracy and service life of the flowmeter. 1. Mechanical cleaning: Use mechanical scraper to descale. A knife with a thin shaft is made of stainless steel, and the knife is led out through a hollow electrode, so a mechanical scraper is formed. When the thin shaft is rotated from the outside, the scraper rotates against the plane of the electrode end to scrape off the dirt. 2. Ultrasonic cleaning: The ultrasonic voltage of 45~65kHz generated by the ultrasonic generator is applied to the electrode, so that the energy of the ultrasonic wave is concentrated on the contact surface of the electrode and the medium, so that the ability of the ultrasonic wave is used to crush the dirt to achieve the purpose of cleaning. 3. Electrochemistry: According to the principle of electrochemistry, the study of the electric field at the interface between the electrode and the fluid has found that the molecules, atoms or ions of the substance have rich or poor adsorption at the interface, and it is found that most inorganic anions are surface-active substances with typical ion adsorption rules, and The surface activity of inorganic cations is very small. Therefore, the electrochemical cleaning electrode only considers the case of anion adsorption. 4. Electrical breakdown: This method uses AC high-voltage electricity to be periodically added between the electrode and the medium, generally adding 30~100V. As the electrode is attached, its surface contact resistance becomes larger, the applied voltage is almost concentrated on the attachment, and the high voltage will break the attachment and then be washed away by the fluid. But this method also has potential safety hazards.
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